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Safer Internet Day - Results


As a team, we looked at the survey's that the children across St Dom's completed and we published our finds in the results documents below.


Have a look at our data to find out more about how effective the day was!

Feedback sheets from SID

Feedback sheets from SID 1
Feedback sheets from SID 2
Feedback sheets from SID 3

Safer Internet Day - Posters created by years 5 and 6

Safer Internet Day - Posters created by years 5 and 6 1
Safer Internet Day - Posters created by years 5 and 6 2
Safer Internet Day - Posters created by years 5 and 6 3
Safer Internet Day - Posters created by years 5 and 6 4
Safer Internet Day - Posters created by years 5 and 6 5

Safer Internet Day 2018

Safer Internet Day 2018 1

Screen Time Challenge


We set the whole school a challenge - the Screen Time Challenge. We asked all of the children in the whole school to turn off their electronic devices by 8pm every night for a whole week!

During the last week of the Spring1 term, every child in the school had to turn off their devices and get a parent or carer to verify that they were off their devices. Then, as a reward, EVERY class got to have a movie time session in school on the final Friday. We were very proud of the whole school and even some adults took part too.




Screen Time Challenge

Screen Time Challenge 1



On Wednesday 31st January, the whole COBS team (including Miss Knight, Miss Hills and Ms Giverin) visited the CLC centre for some more training. While we were there, we got to work with a really exciting APP company that are creating an APP to encourage children to reduce their screen time. Then, as a group, we learnt how to create a BLOG and even managed to get some posts started.


Based on our visit, we reported back to the whole school (see our assembly below) and set a whole school screen time challenge.

Feedback whole school assembly

COBs at the CLC

Try our game!


Here at COBS HQ, we have been working hard to create fun and interactive games to test your knowledge about staying safe on-line. Why not give them a go and see how well you do?


Simply click the link below to begin:

COBs action plan

Our assembly to the children of St Dominic's

COBs assemblies in KS2

COBs assemblies in KS2 1
COBs assemblies in KS2 2
COBs assemblies in KS2 3
COBs assemblies in KS2 4
COBs assemblies in KS2 5
COBs assemblies in KS2 6
COBs assemblies in KS2 7

Welcome to the Camden Online Behaviour Stars Page


Do you use a phone that can connect to the internet?

Do you play a Playstation or Xbox at home?

Are you someone that uses the internet at home?

Do you use an Ipad at home or in school?


If so, then you might have met people online that aren't behaving very well! Well, don't worry as we are here to help. no  Our awesome team are working together to change behaviour on the internet. We want everyone to be happy, kind and careful when using the internet.


Keep an eye out for our WHAT TO DO video that will be coming soon!

The Camden Online Behaviour Stars Team

The Camden Online Behaviour Stars Team  1

Meet the COBS team - We always use every device kindly and carefully