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Numicon is an amazing maths tool that is used in St Dominic's through out the school. Strengthening our knowledge of Number is one of our key priorities and so we use Numicon to help us. We use Numicon to help us when:

- adding




-identifying our number bonds

-finding decimals

-finding fractions

-identifying lines of symmetry

AND much more!


In fact, we think Numicon is one of the BEST maths tools we have.


Here is what some of our children have to say about Numicon,

"We use Numicon to add. I like it because it's fun" Rosie - year 1


"What's good about Numicon is that you can add it and you can take away it. You can count the circles to help you." Ava Marie - Year 2


"I really like using Numicon when I'm doing decimals because it helps you to see how many tenths you have. You can compare them." Fredina -year 6



Year 3 using Numicon

Year 3 using Numicon 1
Year 3 using Numicon 2
Year 3 using Numicon 3
In the Nursery the foundations for mathematical development are laid in practical and meaningful ways. From the Reception class onwards, children have a Daily Dedicated Mathematics Lesson, based on the National Numeracy Strategy. A strong emphasis is placed on mental and written calculations and the skills needed to use mathematical calculations in everyday situations.

In addition, number, shape, space, measures and data handling are taught in Mathematics lessons. Children learn and work together while completing whole class, small group and individual activities.




Learning to multiply using arrays. The children use counters to help them see the multiplication facts they are learning.