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Our Curriculum

We aim to provide the most appropriate education for every child in our school. Each class teacher will look at the range of children’s abilities in the class and will plan appropriate programmes and activities for each level. Every child will work in a variety of different ways in the classroom and will experience a range of teaching styles. There will be times for individual work, small group learning and whole class teaching. At St. Dominic’s we aim to use a broad range of teaching skills and methods in order to best suit the needs of all our pupils. Teachers meet regularly in their Key Stage groups to plan together, thus ensuring consistency and continuity throughout the school. The curriculum offered across the whole school is broad and balanced. The National Curriculum forms the basis of the children’s learning with the National Literacy and Numeracy Strategies being the Foundations for teaching and learning in Mathematics and English. All other subjects (apart from RE and PSHE) are planned using the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority Guidelines.

Curriculum Subjects and Topic Overviews