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Year 6 Parent Questionnaire Analysis


In July 2017, Parents of Year 6 Children were asked to complete a questionnaire and share their overall experiences at the school. Attached below is our analysis.


Parental Questionnaire 2016-2017- Feedback 


School Leaders and staff regularly talk to the children about how we can best support their achievement and safety at school. It is also very important we hear from parents how you feel the school is performing and what you consider to be strengths and areas for improvement. Thank you to all the parents/carers who completed the Parental Questionnaire during the Consultation meetings in November and helped us to gain your views on how you feel the school is performing in a number of different areas.


The Ofsted-style questionnaire consisted to a number of questions relating to your child’s safety, happiness, progress and achievement at school. There was also an opportunity to add any other comments and suggestions you believe could help improve our school. Additional questions were included compared to the previous Spring 2016 questionnaire and there was more choice of responses.


121 questionnaires were completed in total and a full analysis was undertaken. The analysis includes the data table showing the breakdown of responses given and comments made. It also compares the parent responses to the same questions used in both the Spring 2016 and November 2016 questionnaires. Suggested actions the school is taking in response to these outcomes are included and how we can improve on any concerns or issues raised.


I am very pleased to tell you that the results of the questionnaire are very positive overall. The majority of parents felt that their children were happy, well looked after and well taught. A small number of parents raised concerns about bullying and whether the worry boxes introduced last year help children share any concerns they have with staff. As a result, we will consider how we could do more to promote the work taking place in school regarding these issues. A very small number of parents also expressed concerns about children receiving appropriate homework for their age.


Following this feedback suggested actions being introduced are:

  1. Improve communication regarding school actions on bullying with parents by having regular updates in the school newsletter, website etc. to promote the recent and on-going work on:
  • Anti-bullying - for example, work done during the whole-school’ Anti-bullying’ week last half term and posters designed by the children to promote happy learning and playtimes and reduce incidents of children having concerns about bullying.

  • Best use of ‘Worry boxes’ in the classrooms

  • The work of playground buddies at lunchtime

  • Training given to Midday Mealtime Supervisors (MMS)

  1. Continue to highlight the issue of bullying in the MMS training programme

  2. Homework - use opportunities such as the Newsletter, Curriculum Newsletter and website to highlight that if parents have concerns about homework they should first contact the child’s class teacher. The school will also regularly review homework given and assess its suitability.

  3. Introduce question of the week section in the school newsletter to address the comments and suggestions raised in the latest round of parent voice.


Thank you again for your responses.