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Our New Football Kit

Our New Football Kit 1
Our New Football Kit 2
Our New Football Kit 3
Our New Football Kit 4
Our New Football Kit 5
Our New Football Kit 6
Our New Football Kit 7
Our New Football Kit 8
Our New Football Kit 9
Our New Football Kit 10

Basketball Brilliance

On Wednesday 2nd DecemThe Basketball Teamber, a small selection of year 5 and 6 children participated in the Camden Basketball competition. It was a competition between 5 local schools: Rosary, Carlton, St Pauls, St Albans, St Dominic’s.


The rules were a little different to normal basketball as the games were only 3 a-side and we were only using one basket. You had to take the ball back to a certain point to check the ball every time procession changed; this made the game really fast paced and exciting!


As a team, everyone worked really hard and played their best. Unfortunately, we didn’t win the competition but some lucky players did gain medals for their incredible efforts!


Football findings...


On Tuesday 1st December, the St Dominic's football team continued their matches within the league. As always, their brilliant coach (Coach Soul) and their teacher Miss Knight were on hand to support.


Here is an update of the matches that took place:

S: Who did you play?

M: Carlton and Saint Pauls.


S:What were the results of the matches?

M: Sadly, the girls lost both of their matches. However, the boys won one and lost one.


S: Oh that must be disappointing for the girls. Were their any stand out players over the games?

M: To be honest, I think everyone played well. I couldn't give you one star as we were all trying hard. The boys were great too as many of their previous players were missing - it was like having a new team for them.


S: Great, I think it's brilliant that you're such a strong team. Did you at least enjoy playing?

M: Yeah, we had a fantastic time playing against those strong teams. Next time the girls are going to aim to score more. We need to work on our spacing, paying attention and shooting skills. Luckily we have a good defensive team.


S: Thank you talking to us today. We look forward to hearing about the next matches.

Written by Sonny and Megan

Fun at football

Fun at football 1
Fun at football 2
Fun at football 3
Fun at football 4
Fun at football 5
Fun at football 6
Fun at football 7
Fun at football 8
Fun at football 9

Fantastic Football results


Yesterday evening, a group of year 5 and 6 children competed in the Camden Football Competition at Castlehaven. They played against a selection of schools and scored many impressive goals.


To find out about all of the action, check out St Martin's class page!

Don't forget to check our their warm up pictures below too.

Alex and Charlie



The teams warming up...

The teams warming up... 1
The teams warming up... 2
The teams warming up... 3
The teams warming up... 4
The teams warming up... 5



 St Dominic’s Fantastic Football Team

On Tuesday 10th November, the St Dominic’s boys and girls teams will be competing in the Camden Football League. Both teams will be playing against a selection of schools from Camden. 



Over the last few weeks, our experienced Coach (Coach Soul) has been training and preparing our teams at lunchtime and after school. We have been working really hard on our passing and shooting to ensure our win. Also, we have completed drills focusing on possession and how to defend. All of these are vital skills and will help us in our games next week.


Our Prediction

Based on some of our practise sessions, we hope that some of our top attackers (Jereme, Viva and Nathan) will be able to gain lots of goals. Our defensive team (Raymon and Rhyan) have been working hard together, so they should stop any unwanted goals. We are aiming to win every game.

The girls’ team should also do well as we have some strong players. Megan, Catarina and Dawn are strong attackers, so will get lots of goals. We know that Macey and Janet are legendry defenders, so should have no problems defending either.


 Make sure you check back next week for our results and all the exciting news/gossip from the event.


Written by:

Alex, Jereme, Charlie and Sonny

We encourage the development of a positive attitude towards participation in physical activity, where all children are taught to acquire and develop their skills in a variety of sporting and healthy activities. These include dance, games, gymnastics and swimming (from Y3).