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Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations!


On Friday 10th June we celebrated Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth's 90th Birthday. We dressed up as Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses for the day and had a great time! We did fun activities such as making crowns and bunting. We also had a crown competition and we were able to show everyone in assembly.


This was followed by a special picnic lunch outside in the playground. Decorations like bunting were made and put up outside which made it feel like a street party! We had cupcakes which were decorated with an iced '90' which tasted really good! All the food was cooked by our hard-working catering team in our school.


As well as celebrating this landmark birthday, Her Majesty is now the longest reigning monarch in British history which was a great opportunity for us to learn more about her role and the work she has done throughout her lifetime! 



The BIG build upfrown

This half term is really important for us as we are finally starting our count down until our SATs! We have lots of extra-sessions taking place each day to get us ready. Here are some of our top tips to help you with your revision skills.


Comprehension skills:

1. Read the question before reading the text.

2. Search through the text using your skimming and scanning skills.

3. Complete section 1 & 2 before starting section 3.

4. Complete any tick box questions and circles first.



SPAG skills:

1. Sound out any unknown words.

2. Try to get as many spellings correct as you can.

3. Skip a question if you don't know it.

4. Use the skills you've learnt in class to help you.

5. Keep an eye on the time.


Maths skills:

1. Use your fingers to help you.

2. Show your workings.

3. Try to answer every question.

4. Use the strategies you have practiced in class.

5. Ask for a question to be read if you are unsure of its meaning.






Careers Day



To raise money for Advent, we decided to hold a Career Day! The rules were you had to choose a real job and couldn't not just wear your own clothes. Also, the boys were encouraged not to just come as football players. Everyone had to raise at least 50p too.


Incredibly, we raised a huge amount of money (£62 in total!). The day was a brilliant success too as many people (including the adults) made an effort with their Career Day outfits.


Some of our favourite choices were:


Breno - who came as a Comedian


Charlie - who came as an Army Officer


Lilly and Macey - who came as Miss Knight (a wonderful teacher surprise )


James - who came as an engineer


Mrs Neilson - who came as a DR.


Here are some photos of our day - see if you can work out everyone's chosen career.  


Written by

Macey, Lilly, Rebekah, Katrina

Have you heard about our successes during our recent football and basketball matches? If not, check out the P.E. page.



Last week our school hosted a book fair. To celebrate our book fair, classes completed different book activities over the week. In St Martin's class, we created our own book cover for our class book 'Macbeth'. We had to make it dark and mysterious like the story behind it.


One person, was chosen from each class to win a book based on their hard work within the book activities (Katrina won in St Martins!). They had their presented to them during assembly - they looked very happy.


As the week continued, we visited the book fair and persuaded our families to spend as much money as possible after school. Some of the children in St Martin's class helped to run the fair too (Macey and Jereme) but they didn't get paid. :)


The school goal for the week was to raise £1000. This meant we would be able to get a selection of books for our class. Incredibly, we managed to reach a whopping total of £1337! A GREAT achievement.


Check out of photo's of us enjoying the book fair below. Next week we will be holding our advent sponsor day - believe us you will want to see the photos!


Take care, we will back soon.


Macey and Lilly - Special Events Team.

Brilliant British Museum – Vicious Viking Discovery

Yesterday, Tuesday 17th November, St Martin’s class visited the British Museum in Holborn. Here is our diary from the day.


We rapidly left school and headed to the bus stop. After a short wait, the 24 bus zoomed towards us, sweeping us up towards Holborn.


Arriving with a smile on our faces, we saw the magnificent British Museum standing tall and proud. Before entering, we decided to eat our lunch (the pigeons wanted their share of our lunch too). Miss Hills was on pigeon duty; luckily for us the weather held too.


Excitedly, we entered the museum. We could a vast open space with diamond shaped glass on the ceiling – it was gob-smacking. After a quick toilet stop, we went to the Europe section. Gazing through the glass cases, we were amazed by the various historical objects. Miss Self tried to scare us with her creepy stories, but we weren’t fooled. As we continued through the exhibit, some of us stopped to work with a museum leader. She showed us historical objects like a herb grinder, rare pearls and an ivory lucky charm; we were even allowed to hold some of the items!

We continued slowly through the museum to the Viking section. Surprisingly, we saw a great collection of drinking horns and blazing gold broaches.

Next, we visited the Egyptians. It was rammed with lots of small children and other schools, so we had a brief look at the mummy’s and left.


As soon as we walked outside, we could see it was hammering down. Zipping up our coats, we braved the storm and headed back to school.


Soaking wet, we plodded into school.

Overall the day was a great success and we had lots of fun. We can’t wait for our next trip. Make sure you check out the pictures below!

Written by Macey, Katrina, Rebekah

Fabulous Football results

Yesterday evening, children from years 5 and 6 took part in a football tournament at Castlehaven Sports Centre. There were both boys and girls taking part and the evening was full of excitement. We caught up with the teams to find out what happened.


Girls team:

S:Hi Macey, what was the result for the girls team last night?

M:Sadly, we lost the first match as the team had clearly been practising a lot more than us. Being resilient though, we managed to draw in the second match AND won the third match.

S: Amazing, how many points will you get?

M: We were able to get 3 points; 2 for the win and 1 for the draw.

S: So, are you through the quarter finals?

M: We’re not sure yet, we will find out in the next week or two.

S: Ok great. What were the highlights of the game?

M: Megan, our captain was brilliant because she put her head in the game and focuses on attacking. Aya was a great goalkeeper, she saved several goals. Catarina scored two goals and Megan scored one. Overall, it was a great team effort though – our very loud coach (Miss Knight) helped too.

S: What are you going to do next time to make sure you win?

M: Defend more and just go for it!

S: Thanks for talking to us Macey - we look forward to hearing about the next matches.


Boys Team:

A: Hi Jereme and TJ, did you have a good game last night?

J: Yes, we played 3 games last night. We won two and we lost one. I scored 3 goals.

A: Well done, great job. What was the atmosphere like?

TJ: There were lots of people supporting us which was really nice. We were feeling a little nervous at first, but everyone cheering us on made us feel better. Coach was a great help too!

C: Sounds great, what were the highlights?

J: Our goals and our possession were the highlights. Viva scored at the last minute with a long range goal – it was magic! Frankie had safe hands; he stopped lots of goals and only let in one.

A: Wow, sounds like we have a real chance to win the league. Thank you for talking to us today. We look forward to hearing about the next matches.


Interview conducted by Sonny, Lilly, Alex and Charlie.

Interview: Macey, Jereme and TJ.

St Dominic’s Fantastic Football Team

On Tuesday 10th November, the St Dominic’s boys and girls teams will be competing in the Camden Football League. Both teams will be playing against a selection of schools from Camden. 



Over the last few weeks, our experienced Coach (Coach Soul) has been training and preparing our teams at lunchtime and after school. We have been working really hard on our passing and shooting to ensure our win. Also, we have completed drills focusing on possession and how to defend. All of these are vital skills and will help us in our games next week.


Our Prediction

Based on some of our practise sessions, we hope that some of our top attackers (Jereme, Viva and Nathan) will be able to gain lots of goals. Our defensive team (Raymon and Rhyan) have been working hard together, so they should stop any unwanted goals. We are aiming to win every game.

The girls’ team should also do well as we have some strong players. Megan, Catarina and Dawn are strong attackers, so will get lots of goals. We know that Macey and Janet are legendry defenders, so should have no problems defending either.


 Make sure you check back next week for our results and all the exciting news/gossip from the event.


Written by:

Alex, Jereme, Charlie and Sonny

Hi Everybody,


Over this half-term, we have been working on these topics in literacy:



-Traditional Tales

-Non-Chronological Reports



This last week we have been working on Poems based on the story of The Lady Of Shallot. We wanted to share some of our poems with you. Make sure you watch out for the tragic endings - be warned they could make you cry!


We will be back after half term,


Chun Yin, Catarina, Megan and Dawn


Welcome to St Martin de Porres Class!


Hello and welcome to St Martin's class page. In St Martin's class we have 22 children who always try their best in each and every lesson. We love learning anything new and are working really hard this year as we have SATs coming up!


We will be posting new messages every Thursday, so make sure you stay updated with our page - otherwise you might miss something good.


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