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2015-2016 Class Archive

Welcome to St Patrick Class!


We have been having a very exciting start to Year 1 and we will be sharing pictures on this page for you to enjoy, so keep an eye out for our updates.



Picture 1

We were delighted to welcome a very special visitor, Dr Aidan Cowley, to St. Dominic’s on Monday 25th April. Dr Aidan talked to St Patrick and St Ann pupils about his work with the European Space Agency (ESA) in Germany and how it is helping us to find out if we could one day live on another planet.


Dr Aidan is involved in different research and design work to do with space, including rocket design and whether it is possible to grow food on Mars. He works closely with the European astronauts taking part in this research and was able to talk to the children about Tim Peake’s work on the International Space Station. As Tim Peake was running the Marathon in space, ESA had sponsored Dr Aidan to come to London and run the Marathon on the same day.


The children really enjoyed finding out more about the work that is taking place in Space and whether we will one day be able to sustain life on other planets. They had fantastic questions for Dr Aidan and he was very impressed with their knowledge and enthusiasm for this subject.

A very big thank you to Dr Aidan for being so generous with his time! frown

Earlier in the term, we were learning about stories from other cultures in Literacy and one of our stories was called 'The Rainbow Crow'. We enjoyed writing about this story, creating artwork and learning about the message. 


Another story we really enjoyed was 'Grandmother's Dream Catcher' and we created beautiful dream catchers of our own to be displayed in the KS1 corridor.