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Welcome to St George Class!


We are so excited to start a brand new year in a brand new classroom with a brand new teacher! We have already has a fantastic start to the year and can't wait to try our best with what's to come!


Welcome to the Summer Term!

A Trip to the National Portrait Gallery to see Edward VI's Portrait

Jesus is Risen!

Picture 1

Welcome to the Spring term!

E-Safety Day 29th Macrh 2017

Today we had E-safety day where we learnt all about staying safe online. The focus of LKS2 was 'Personal Information'. Therefore, we found out all of the different ways we could share personal information online without knowing. We now know never to share our personal information with ANYONE on the internet that we do not know.


We created, practised and performed role plays to show different situations we could get ourselves into and how to resolve it.  Then we created avatars that could represent us online without sharing information about what we look like. 

School Trip to the Science Museum

On Thursday 16th March, St George class went to the Science Museum! We had so much fun and got to take part in some hands-on science experiments, as well as watch a fantastic show all about electricity. We also wandered leisurely around the museum, seeing lots of things we had never seen before.  Take a look at our photos to see what we got up to!


In Computing this week we learnt how to create an animation using coding. the animation was of Les stealing our lovely class mirror! This links to our topic in English where we have been writing a newspaper report all about the crime in St George!

World Book Day 2017!

On Thursday 2nd March it was World Book Day but we decided to celebrate on Friday 3rd March. We dressed up as our favourite book character. We took part in lots of World Book Day activities to celebrate. Our costumes were amazing and extremely creative! Take a look at the photos below.

Cave Paintings!

St George Detectives!

Today, something very fishy happened to us in LKS2. St George were brutally robbed. We came back from assembly to find absolute chaos had happened. Our classroom was trashed! We noticed that Miss Carey's favourite mirror had been stolen from the window sill. We took on the role of detectives and collected evidence for who we thought the suspects could be. We found Mrs Scanlon's lanyard, Les' gloves and lots of kitchen utensils used by the chefs! Take a look at the evidence below. 


Please note: This event was staged in order to engage the children in our newspaper report writing topic. A robbery did not actually take place. 

Picture 1

Maths this week...

In maths this week, we have been introduced to CUISENAIRE rods and bars. This is a new way of learning maths, which helps us to visualise what is going on when we add, subtract, multiply, find fractions and much much more!

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Super Science!

Today in Science we were investigating muscles. We did lots of different exercises to find out where different muscles are in the body, and what they do! We found out:

  • biceps
  • triceps
  • obliques
  • abdominals
  • quadriceps
  • calves 
  • gluteals


Take a look at some of us investigating!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Making Stone Age Pots!

In our History lesson, we had the opportunity to make Stone Age pots, exactly the same way they would have done 3000 years ago! We used a coil technique to create them. In our next lesson, we will be painting them in natural colours. 

Picture 1 Our finished Stone Age pots :)

St George's Class Assembly!

On Wednesday this week St George class performed their fantastic assembly to the rest of KS2. Our assembly was all about one of the Learning Values, 'Bee' Brave!

Our assembly had it all; confident reading, acting, poetry, singing and dancing!

We feel that we really got the message across to the rest of KS2 about the importance of being BRAVE!

Picture 1

The Stone Age

This term our topic is  Stone age to Iron Age!

In our most recent History lesson, we took part in an archaeological dig. Have a look at some of our photos to see what we found!

Archaeological Dig

Kew Gardens - A Trip to the Rainforest

Bee Your Best Day

Today we celebrated Bee Your Best day. We all dressed up as bees and learnt about St Dominic's new Learning Values!

Be focused

Be ambitious

Be creative

Be brave

Be flexible

Be resilien​t

Be confident


During the day we had an assembly that introduced us to all the learning values, we learnt all about The Learning Pit and when to use the learning values to help us climb out of it!

We then thought about our hopes and our dreams for the future and made a Dream Catcher that will help to catch all our good dreams in Year 3/4! smiley

Computing at Camden City Learning Centre!

Picture 1 On our way!
Picture 2
Picture 3 An introduction to coding.
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9 Listening well and answering lots of questions!
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12 Planning our own animation.

We learnt so much during our day at the CLC. First, we were introduced to programming and got to run codes for the game, 'Angry Birds'. As we completed each level, it got harder and harder but we loved it! 

Then we were introduced to the word, ALGORITHM.

We all know that an algorithm is a set of step by step instructions.

Later we were able to design and write codes for our own animation based on the Twits. 


Take a look at Sonny M's animation below (with a little help form Ava-Marie!)

The glass eye trick

Still image for this video

St George's Class Assembly - Going for Goals

Today we performed our FIRST class assembly to the rest of KS2. Our assembly was all about going for our goals. We spoke about some of the things we want to achieve in our lives and also gave everyone in the audience the opportunity to think about their own goals and how they might be able to achieve them! This links in with our Be the Best you Can Be programme. 



Our performance of Standing in the Hall of Fame.

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A visit from an Olympic athlete - Joanne Mersh

A visit from an Olympic athlete - Joanne Mersh 1
A visit from an Olympic athlete - Joanne Mersh 2
Today, we had a fantastic opportunity to talk to an Olympic athlete, Jo Mersh. She told us all about her life and how she followed her dreams, never gave up and became a successful 800m runner, winner over 200 medals! Not only was she an Olympic athlete, she was also a successful singer/songwriter! This amazing lady inspired us to always BE THE BEST WE CAN BE!

Plants and Animals in the Rainforest

We used the iPads to research lots of information about the different plants and animals that live in the Rainforest. We found out about plants and animals we had never heard of!

Problem Solving in Maths

Every Friday, we have a problem solving lesson in Maths. This is a chance to work together in a group and put all the things we have learnt that week into practise!