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Welcome to St. Elizabeth's class page! We have lots to update you on throughout the remainder of this year!

Nursery's Caterpillars


For this term, the Nursery is learning all about Minibeasts. We in St. Elizabeth's are very lucky to have some guests with us; 5 little caterpillars looking to turn into beautiful butterflies! The boys and girls are all very excited to see the metamorphosis first hand. We have had them for 4 days now and already they have doubled in size! We think it must be from all the food they are eating (just like in our story The Very Hungry Caterpillar).

Special Helper Show and Tell


    In our Nursery, we have begun weekly Special Helpers. Those children chosen for the week are relied upon to set a great example for all children by cleaning up, being a good friend, along with many special tasks! The most exciting part is that on Fridays, these children have the opportunity to Show and Tell about something from home. This week our Special Helpers were: Finley, Malachai, and Kiki. They brought in some wonderful things to show us and the class had a wide range of questions to ask! Finley brought Stuffed Animals from his favourite book (Room on the Broom), Malachai brought a very stylish Hot Wheels car that lights up, and Kiki brought two of her favourite bears (one even came from Amsterdam)! We in Nursery look forward to this week’s show and tell from our Special Helpers!

Image result for caterpillar      Nursery's Caterpillars Update    Image result for caterpillar         

      Today was a very special day in our Nursery; it was time to look at the chrysalises (or chrysalides) that had formed! It is amazing to see how they’ve changed from those little baby caterpillars to these large chrysalides. All of the children watched as Mr. Webster very carefully took each chrysalis and carefully placed them in their new home. We are going to check on them every day to watch how they change. Check back to see what our Nursery has found out about our wonderful chrysalides.

Image result for butterfly picture               Nursery's Butterflies!               Image result for butterfly picture

     We were very excited to come in and see that our chrysalides had changed and in their place we had …... Butterflies!! The boys and girls were all very excited to see the butterflies happily flying around in their net. To celebrate the special occasion, we went into the big playground to release them as a group, and then played on the big children’s playground equipment! It was a very exciting morning and a great way to start our last week of term!

Nursery's Day Out in

Hampstead Heath

This week, Nursery went on a trip to Hampstead Heath together. We were all very excited for the opportunity to spend a day playing out in the sun with our friends! When we all arrived, there were several races between our Red, Yellow and Blue groups. With events including egg and spoon race, javelin throws, and bean bag balancing, all 3 groups did spectacularly! Thank you to all parents and staff who helped us out during our trip, and throughout our year to make this Nursery the best it can be!