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This half term is the big lead up to our very important SATs which will take place in May. We are spending every minute revising and practicing our key skills in Grammar, Reading and Maths.


We haven't stopped writing either it's a very very busy half term.


Some of the best things we are doing are:

Booster club on Monday evening

Making every second count

Creative writing


Daily Workout


If you want to hear about any of these skills in more detail, simply ask one of us!




Incredible Dance Workshop with Year 11 Parli Girls

Still image for this video

Incredible Dance Workshop with Year 11 Parli Girls

Still image for this video

Incredible Dance Workshop with Year 11 Parli Girls

Still image for this video

Incredible Dance Workshop with Year 11 Parli Girls

Still image for this video

Incredible Dance Workshop with Year 11 Parli Girls

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Proud Moments!


The last two weeks have been extra special for year 5-6 as we have competed in the Camden Dance Festival, worked with an incredible group of Year 11 pupils from Parliament Hills school AND found out that we are in the finals for the Camden Football competition. WOW!!!


It's been busy but it's all been worth it. We are especially proud of our boys football team as they are currently top of the football league. AMAZING!

Proud moments

Proud moments 1
Proud moments 2
Proud moments 3

NSPCC focus day


On Thursday, two representatives from the NSPCC came into our school. We learnt all about 'Buddy' and the help they can provide. We caught up with Dylan M, Sonny G, Harry and Louie to find out what they learnt.


So, boys, what was the most important message of the day?

D: That we have the right to speak out and stay say.

H: You should call childline if you ever feel unsafe.

S: We learnt the number too.

L: Yeah it's 0800 1111 and we learnt that you should tell a trusted adult if you are scared or need help.


Who would you consider trusted adults?

S: Teacher, Nan, Grandad, Auntie, Uncle

H: Parent or carer

D: And people like the police because they can help too


What do children do?

L: They help look after children that don't have good homes, or if there parents can't look after them.

H: And you can tell them if you've had problems and stuff, like with your friends too.

S: Yeah, they help because they talk to your parents or someone at school that can help.


What did you find interesting?

D: That there are different types of abuse. Like Neglect, Sexual, Bullying and Cyber bullying.

H: That neglect can mean you don't get enough food.

S: When the guy told us about to stay online and not to cyber bullying.


Anything else you think the others should know?

H: Yes, learn the number and call it if you need to.


Thanks boys, we will catch up with you again soon.

Miss Knight


Performance Piece Year 11 GSCE Dance - WOW!!!!

Still image for this video

NSPCC important information

NSPCC important information 1
NSPCC important information 2

NSPCC workshop

NSPCC workshop 1
NSPCC workshop 2
NSPCC workshop 3
NSPCC workshop 4
NSPCC workshop 5
NSPCC workshop 6



This half term we are focusing on the book Holes by Louis Sachar. At the start of the topic, we created our own visual word banks; collecting different images that represented the narrative and collecting challenging words and phrases. Since then, we have written formal letters using our knowledge of the narrative. Next week, we will be writing the 'What happens next?' section. Stay tuned to read some of our exciting adventures.

Visual word banks made by Year 6

Visual word banks made by Year 6 1
Visual word banks made by Year 6 2
Visual word banks made by Year 6 3
Visual word banks made by Year 6 4
Visual word banks made by Year 6 5
Visual word banks made by Year 6 6

Literacy/Topic Focus

Literacy/Topic Focus  1
Literacy/Topic Focus  2
Literacy/Topic Focus  3
Literacy/Topic Focus  4
Literacy/Topic Focus  5
Literacy/Topic Focus  6
Literacy/Topic Focus  7
Literacy/Topic Focus  8



The learning pit is a simple picture that shows you what steps you experience when you learn something. It helps you to progress through tasks and it can help you to go further.


There are 5 steps to the learning pit:
1. Facing a challenge - you are at the start of a learning problem. You are standing at the top of the pit and looking at the drop below.

2. Having a go - you have started to slide into the pit. It means, you are having a go at the problem.

3. Confusion/getting it wrong - this is when you are at the bottom of the pit and you are stuck!

4. Trying to solve it - you're starting to climb out of the pit. You are finding different ways to solve the problem so it is becoming easier.

5. Success - you've reached the top! You have solved the problem once and for all.


We have been using the learning pit in our class to help us with lots of different challenges and we have even started to design our own pit! Check out the photo's that show what we think a learning pit looks like. no


Our Learning Pits

Our Learning Pits 1
Our Learning Pits 2
Our Learning Pits 3
Our Learning Pits 4
Our Learning Pits 5
Our Learning Pits 6
Our Learning Pits 7
Our Learning Pits 8

We want to BEE the BEST... what does that mean?

Stay up-to-date with St Martin's page and you will find out surprise



Jo Mersh - Professional Athlete


'Be The Best You Can Be' is our new slogan and new way of approaching life! On Monday, we were very fortunate to have Jo Mersh, an incredibly talented athlete, come into our school and share her life experiences. She showed us how she was 'The Best She Could Be' and we are keen to follow in her footsteps. Stay tuned to find out more about how we are pushing forwards and reaching all of our learning goals.





Jo Mersh in action

Jo Mersh in action 1
Jo Mersh in action 2
Jo Mersh in action 3
Jo Mersh in action 4
Jo Mersh in action 5
Jo Mersh in action 6
Jo Mersh in action 7

Anglo-Saxon Villages


As part of our Anglo-Saxon topic this term, we designed and created our own Anglo-Saxon village. Before we began, we were able to research the different parts of an Anglo-Saxon village and considered life within it. Then as a group, we worked together to create an awesome 3D model. We used a range of resources including sticks, paint, boxes and leaves! Here are some photos to show our finished products:

Anglo-Saxon villages

Anglo-Saxon villages  1
Anglo-Saxon villages  2
Anglo-Saxon villages  3
Anglo-Saxon villages  4
Anglo-Saxon villages  5
Anglo-Saxon villages  6
Anglo-Saxon villages  7
Anglo-Saxon villages  8

Interview with Mrs Holland

Year 6 caught up with Mrs Holland, the new teacher for key stage 2 and quizzed her about her year ahead and her many talents.  


Have you always lived in London?

No, I am originally from Birmingham but moved to London, many, many years ago. I don't have a accent though :)


Have you worked in many other schools?

Yes, I started working in a primary school in Burnt Oak a long time ago! I then moved to a school near to Kings Cross. After having children, I worked Acland Burghley.


How long have you been teaching for?

20+ years!


Why did you want to work at St Dominic's school?

Well, when I came to visit the school, I though it was a very friendly place. The staff and children were lovely so I knew it would be a great place to work.


What will you be teaching in St Dominic's?

This year I will be working with the children in year 5 and 6 building their literacy and maths skills. In the mornings I will have my own literacy and maths class, then in the afternoon I will run booster sessions for the  children in year 6. These sessions will give them an extra boost before their SATs.  


What subjects do you enjoy teaching most?

I love teaching English, especially to Aran as he wrote about how much he loves it too! I love teaching art too - it is definitely one of my many talents - along with trying to keep Miss Knight tidy.


Do you enjoy sports? What are you most talented at?

Mmmm, I'm not actually very sporty but I do like watching it. I used to enjoy playing hockey; I think I am best at team sports to be honest.


Tell us something interesting about yourself:

I have triplets! Two beautiful girls and a very handsome boy; I am incredibly lucky.







Mrs Holland

Mrs Holland 1

Welcome back!


This year we have a wonderful new group of year 6 children and some amazing new staff in our Key Stage.


Here is a picture of the new ST MARTIN'S class: smiley

St Martin's class

St Martin's class 1
St Martin's class 2
St Martin's class 3