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It has been a fun filled Spring Term for the students of St. Bernadette. We have been to the Science Museum’s Wonderlab, dressed as our favourite book character, solved a crime in our classroom and performed the Palm Sunday Easter play, plus many more things.


At the Science Museum we experimented with many different concepts. We slid down slides made from different materials to understand how friction works, played with magnets to see how force works and made bridges from blocks to cross a river. We were luckily to attend a ‘Live Wire’ show where we learnt about how electricity is created and how it needs a closed circuit with a conductor to work.

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World book day was a chance for us to be creative and pretend to be our favourite book character for the day. Our teachers were a lego piece and ‘A bad case of stripes’ character. Our classroom was invaded by two ‘Where’s Wally’, a few princesses, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, Dorothy from the ‘Wizard of Oz’, Red Skull from Avengers, a ‘Wimpy Kid’ and many more fascinating characters. Our class looked AMAZING! Reading is important; luckily St. Bernadette LOVES to read!

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Our teachers were creative in their approach to teaching us about newspaper reports and staged a robbery in our classroom! They convinced us it had actually happened and we had to become detectives to solve the crime! Our precious prize bag was stole. We had a great time interrogating suspects and writing our newspaper reports! Thankfully, the prize bag had never actually left the classroom.
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Welcome to St Bernadette’s Class Page!


We are very excited to be in our new classroom with our new classmates!! We already know we’ll be the best of friends! We have Miss Thambyah and Miss Grealish as our teachers this year.


Already this term we have learnt about Roald Dahl and his book the ‘The Twits’. We used his story of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ for your Key Stage 2 assembly performance, in which we were amazing!


Our work in mathematics has been just as busy. We have learnt all about place value and how this is important in addition and subtraction strategies.


We have been becoming little rainforest explorers, learning all about the structure and animals that can be found there.


Once a week we head to Kentish Town swimming pool where we are developing our fish skills!


Keep watching this space for updates on our awesome learning and activities!