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Welcome to our class page. We are a brilliant Year 2 class and work very hard as well as having lots of fun! You can keep up to date with what we have been doing by visiting this page regularly.



Last but not least is Fatma

Today we drew our very last name from the box of our special children and after waiting very patiently all year, Fatma is our special child of the week. As always her classmates were full of wonderful things to say about her. First of all Fatma was commended for her helpfulness, she helps everyone her teachers in class the lunchtime supervisors and even her friends. She is a kind friend who always treats everyone with respect and is always very sensible in how she plays games. She also work hard and is very ambitious in her work, trying to do her best at all times. She has been a very special all year and has been a wonderful friend to all in St. John class.


Special Child of the week is D'Angelo

Our special child of the week is the absolutely fantastic D'Angelo, who is an asset to his class. His friends were eager to commend his kind and caring nature which shines through when he plays so well with others and looks after his friends when they are hurt. He is also extremely sensible and takes pride in looking after our classroom and is full of good advice for others. On top of all that he plays with absolutely everyone and is always good fun to be around.

Special Child of the Week- Joey!

This weeks special child is the marvellous Joey, who has been waiting very patiently for his moment. As usual his classmates were full of lovely things to say about him. Joey is special because he has a kind gentle heart that makes him a great friend, he is also a great friend as he has a fantastic sense of humour and makes the whole class laugh. In class he always works hard and tries his hardest even when the learning is tricky Joey will not give up. On top of all this everyday he comes in with a huge smile on his face, ready to have a great day, he is definitely a very special person.



Children as Storytellers

We are well into our Shakespeare topic and have been using lots of drama to explore the story of Henry V. Our first writing activity was to write a letter offering the king advice on whether to go to war with King Charles VI of France or not. As it turns out a lot of the class were very offended by Henry being humiliated by the Dauphin and were determined to seek vengeance and demand the kingdom of France as Henry's right. Have a look at some of our writing below.




Special Child of the Week - Harry!

 Our special child this week is Harry who everyone was very quick to shower with lots of wonderful things that make him special to us. A lot of children like his sense of humour, Harry is very funny and always shares jokes with others especially when people are down, his ability to cheer people up was also commended. He was also praised for being mature and always being resilient in his work, even when he finds it tricky, many said he is equally good on the playground where he plays well, is lots of fun and always has a huge smile on his face.

Special Child of the week

The lovely Luna is special child in St. John class this week and as usual we had many wonderful things to say about what makes her so unique. Many complimented how polite she is not just to the adults but to children as well, she always shows excellent manners. She is a good friend to everyone in Key Stage One as she treats everyone with kindness and plays so nicely. In class she also works hard and is very calm meaning she focuses on her work and is always ambitious in her work.


Children as Storytellers

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We have begun our summer literacy topic of Shakespeare with the support of Globe Education. All of Key Stage One were joined by an actor who works with the Globe theatre and brought to life the story of Henry V. This half term we will be using drama, role play and games to explore the story of this mighty king. We had a fantastic start today with Alex and everyone is very excited about the coming weeks, make sure you visit this page for photos of our activities and writing.

Henry V

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Henry V

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Henry V

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Henry V

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Children as Storytellers

Egg Hunt

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After all their hard work this term, St. John definitely deserved an extra special treat and they enjoyed an egg hunt on our playground. It was very chaotic but a lot of fun, they worked hard to find 49 eggs but missed the last one, they decided a magpie might have pinched it due to their fondness for shiny things. Well done St. John for an excellent term, have a lovely break and a much needed rest.

Egg Hunt

Internet Safety Day

Today was internet safety day in school, we spent a lot of the day talking about how we use the internet in our daily lives. We then explored what information we can share online and what we should keep to ourselves. The whole class had some very good discussions and decided there are certain things we should never share on the internet;

*our name

*our phone number and address

*our age or birthdate

*our school

Have a look at some of the photos from our day below.


Easter Assembly

Internet Safety Day


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Poetry Recital

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Today we recited our poems that we have been learning over the past few days, everyone did an excellent job and was awarded with a certificate for their performances. Have a look at some of us performing below.


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Poetry Homework

After some excellent poetry recitals from all of the year 2 reading group, Miss O'Toole and Mrs Geary had a very difficult choice to pick two winners. We listened to advice from the class about what they liked, good voices, slow speech and suitable actions and in the end we picked Ilana and Joey, two very deserving winners.

Special Child of the Week is Ewa

This week our special child is the excellent Ewa who everyone was very keen to share their stories about. Every single member of St. John commented on how kind she is, many people explained she is always happy to look after them when they are sad and Ewa has gone out of her way to cheer them up. We also talked about her huge smile and her laughter which show how fun she is. Everyone was also very keen to commend her excellent effort in maths and despite finding it tricky, she has never given up and has worked extremely hard, an excellent example of one of our learning values, ambitious.



Poetry Recital

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Year 2 children have been learning and reciting poems as part of our reading. We all begun with the same poem which we learnt and performed in groups to help us. As part of our homework we are learning a poem all on our own and will be reciting them next week.


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Special Child of the week is Kyan!

We have a new special child and this week it is the marvellous Kyan. The whole class was quick to agree that Kyan is a great boy full of fun and laughter, many people agreed that these two things made him special. We also commented on his maturity and caring heart as he always goes out of his way to look after upset children. Children also commended his determination to work hard and try his best even when he finds things tricky, Kyan never gives up.

Dough Investigation

As part of our science learning on materials we investigated how to make the perfect dough. We used flour and slowly added water to investigate which amount was the best. We observed the changes to the flour over time and thought of words to describe the changing consistency. We concluded that two cups of flour needed exactly one cup of water to make a good dough. At the end we all got to explore the dough ourselves and had a debate about whether it was a solid or a liquid.




Special Child of The Week- Rhys!

We have a new special child and it is the lovely Rhys. During the course of the year Rhys has matured into a sensible and mature boy who is a wonderful member of our class. Everyone agreed lots of things make him special like his determination to work hard and never give up even when things are very tricky. He has a kind heart and shares well with others and looks after his classmates well especially when they are down meaning he has lot's of friends who enjoy how funny he is.

Special Child of the Week - Callum

This week our special child is the super smiley Callum, the class were very quick to share lots of things that make Callum special. He is a good friend to everyone in class and cheers people up when they are down. He always tries his best even when he finds work tricky, his resilience was highly commended as was his excellent behaviour. Mostly we thought his most special feature was his huge, beaming and friendly smile which can light up the whole room.

World Book Day

We celebrated World Book Day in school and everyone in St. John took it very seriously with wonderful costumes. For one day we had a class full of superheroes, princesses, fairy-tale characters horrid little boys named Henry and kind hearted girls called Matilda. We had a great day celebrating one of our very favourite things, reading.


Special Child of The Week - Gwenaelle

Special Child of the week was lovely Gwenaelle, who is a much loved member of our class thanks to her positive attitude, big smile and friendly nature. Children loved that she is so helpful and always goes out of her ways to comfort others as well as being a great help to the teachers.



Special Child of the Week - Peter

This week our special child is the brilliant Peter! Peter is an absolutely fantastic member of our class and it was very clear everyone thought so as we all had such lovely things to say about him. We all agreed that he was very funny and always had a joke to share with us but despite his brilliant sense of humour he is also very focussed in lessons and always works hard even when he finds things tricky, Peter doesn't give up. Several people pointed out how caring and thoughtful he is to others and always has a smile to share and brighten up our classroom.

Magnificent Maths

Year 2 have been working extremely hard in numeracy, we are now adding two 2 digit numbers together and are getting very good at it. To help us practise we created human sums in the hall, we split into groups and had to act out the addition process as numbers, the trickiest bit was when we had to partition the ones to bridge tens. We have then used this knowledge to help us with our problem solving using written methods.






Paul Klee 'Castle and Sun'

This week in art we explored the Paul Klee painting 'Castle and Sun.' In Literacy we have been writing our own versions of George and the Dragon , in which a castle features as part of the story. We used cuttings of 2d shapes to create a mosaic version of our castles as featured in our writing. We then drew around 3d shapes and painted them as a team to create huge piece of art in the style of Klee's original, we used this as a backing for our display which is on our Key Stage One corridor. It is such fantastic work we couldn't wait to share it with everyone, have a look below.






Special Child of the Week is Bay-Marie

Our very first special child of 2017 is Bay-Marie, as usual St. John were full of wonderful things to say about their classmate. Everyone enjoys the fact that she plays so well because she is so kind and caring. Her attitude to work was commended with children saying she comes in every single day with a smile on her face, ready to learn. We also noted her big heart which means she shares well and looks after others and on top of all that she is a fantastic artist. St. Joh  is very lucky to have someone as special as Bay-Marie.


Bethlehem Inn

Today was out first performance of Bethlehem Inn, it went fantastically, we all sung our very best and spoke in loud and clear voices so everyone could hear. We cannot wait to for our second performance on Tuesday!


Christmas Decorations

As Advent has begun and it is a special time of preparation St. John have begun preparing for Christmas. The first thing we did was paint our own Christmas tree decorations, we were very careful in our painting and cannot wait to hang them up! On the last day of school we will being them home to decorate our own tree.








Special Child of the Week - Erin

The special child this week is the amazing Erin, as always we sat in a circle and discussed just what made Erin special and there were lot's of things. We decided he was funny with a great smile, very sensible but also very fun and that he  is an excellent friend  who always plays with people who are lonely and is fantastic at games. In work he also tries his very best and never, ever gives up showing great resilience, one of our learning values, clearly Erin is very special to all of St. John.



Science Museum Trip

St. John had a very busy day at the science museum as part of our Explorers topic. The main part of our visit was the Space Exhibition as we have learnt so much about Neil Armstrong. We also visited the exhibition on the home and were fascinated by the old household appliances. Our last exhibition was the Modern World which was full of cars, trains and all sorts of exciting items, we tried to work out what they all were. All of St. John class were fantastic and were very polite and patient as they travelled, many other passengers commented on how well-mannered and friendly they were.  You can see our photos in the gallery below.

Special Child of the Week is Joseph

This weeks special child is the lovely Joseph. A lot of things make Joseph special and everyone had lots of wonderful things to say about their friend. Everyone thought he was kind and caring with a lovely big smile that can be seen all the time. He was commended for his positive attitude, many thought he always tries his best, never gives up and even helps others. Joseph is certainly very special.

Special Child of the Week - Lillie

This weeks special child is Lillie, she is definitely very special to all of us. St. John had lot's of lovely things to say about her including how she always does the right thing, is polite and never gives up when she finds work hard. Children also mentioned how she has a kind heart and always helps others when they feel down and is always fun to play with. Some children even commended that she always models our learning values and regularly shows she is resilient, focussed and confident.



'Bee' Your Best!

St. John was certainly buzzing today, along with the rest of the school. It was a very special day as we introduced our Learning Values. We had assembly first thing and recapped on our visit from Olympian Jo Mersh and how inspiring her story was and the fact it wasn't easy. In fact it was rather hard at times and she faced many challenges. We discussed the challenges we faced everyday and how we could follow Jo's lead to overcome them! During the day we discussed our dreams and painted pictures of our dreams, we even created bee versions of ourselves to add to the display. It was a 'BEE'RILLIANT' day.

Special Child of the Week

This weeks special child is Taylor!

Taylor is a fantastic member of St. John's class and there are a lot of things that make him special, mostly that he is a friendly boy who plays with everyone. He also has a big smile and is a kind and caring boy. He even sets a good example in his work we thought he was an excellent example in class, he tries his best is enthusiastic and never gives up. Even on the playground he shines with some children commenting that he is as fast as a cheetah and an amazing footballer.

Our Planets

A few weeks ago we used balloons to make paper mache planets, we have since painted and hung them up.

Have a look! We think you'll agree they are fantastic.




All About Animals

This week in English we have begun looking at non-fiction books and their features. We explored the fact that non-fiction books are informative and made up of real facts about a certain subject. After that we explored the features of non-fiction books that help us find the particular information we are looking for. Then we decided to use our new found knowledge to find out specific information about a certain topic, animals! We are going to use books and internet resources to find information out about giraffes and penguins, which we will be creating our own information text on in the coming weeks.








Special Child of the Week

This weeks Special Child is - Suzon!

Every week we pick a special child from our special heart box to celebrate what makes them special. This week we pulled out Suzon, we all sat in a circle and every one of us told us what made Suzon special to them. She certainly has a lot of things that make her special including being helpful, kind and has a good hear a beautiful smile is always happy and most importantly is a good friend.



The Equal Sign

This week we have been exploring the = sign in maths and what it means. We used Numicon to help us see the numbers and even managed to discuss the equal sign. Even better we can say the word sentence clearly, as us and we will say "....... tens and ....... ones is greater than or less than ........ tens and ...... ones." We can even expand on our reasoning by by using ' because,'  and explaining how it is greater or smaller!




Be The Best You Can Be!

Today St. John class were very lucky to join the rest of Key Stage One and Year 3 class St. Bernadette for a presentation from a very special person. Joanne Mersh, who is an athlete and a representative of the 21st Century Legacy set up after the 2012 London Olympics. Jo told us all about how hard she had to work to become an Olympic athlete and told us all how important it is to have a dream and that like her we may have to work hard for it. We found out that one time she was 6 years old just like all of us and had to spend a lot of time practising, even then she wasn't always first in races but she was always the best she could be. We are going to remember the 4 P's she taught us, that practice, patience and perseverance makes perfect. We realised we can use these ideas to help us learn lot's of things  like times tables, spellings, multiplication, aiming a ball, painting a picture and are going to try hard to remember them.






Paper Mache Solar System

As part of our 'Explorers' topic we have learning all about Neil Armstrong. We were so inspired by his journey to the moon we even looked at some of the other planets in out solar system. We investigated all eight planets and Pluto (which was our class favourite) then decided we would create our own solar system using balloons and paper mache. It was a very messy afternoon but we have made a great start, come back to see our finished work.