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Road Safety in KS1


KS1 had a road safety visit to learn all about how to stay safe when crossing and walking nearby roads.  We followed this up in class with further discussions and the children then made posters to help them remember some of the rules of road safety!








Class Trip to Museum of Childhood


The children loved the range of toys that were on exhibition at the museum, ranging from wooden dolls and puppets to giant robots and Lego models.  They also saw a large collection of dolls houses, some of the first toy cars and scooters, and some of the kinds of clothes children wore more than 100 years ago!

In the afternoon, the children had a workshop on seaside life in the past, where they learnt about old games, clothes and traditions.  
























Globe Theatre Workshops


Year 1 have been incredibly lucky to have a weekly workshop run by The Globe Theatre.  

We are learning the play Henry V, through drama, role play, and retelling.  This is the theme for all of our writing work in Literacy this half term.








In Henry V, Princess Catherine has to learn about English culture, just as Henry must learn about French culture.  We have been discussing culture and how traditions, greetings and food can be very different.  To explore this further, we learnt about the kind of food that comes from France and wrote a recipe for Ratatouille.  We then followed our recipes to make the dish as a team!











Maths This Term...

We have been learning about everyday 3D shapes and have challenged ourselves to make some of these using 3D shape nets.  






We have also been using 'cuisinaire rods' or 'bars' to find and represent number bonds up to 10 and 20, and halves and quarters within 10 and 20.  We began by looking at how two parts can equal a whole using just the colours in calculation work.  We then added values to the coloured bars.








World Book Day!

The children in St. Patrick class loved dressing up as book characters and sharing their favourite stories.  Over the day, the children took part in various reading activities and listened to a range of exciting new stories.














In reading, we have been exploring a wide range of texts, from fictional fairytales to non-fiction information texts.  This week we chose our favourite non-fiction texts from the school library and shared the facts we learnt with each other.  We have also been learning about the key features of non-fiction texts, such as the contents page, sub-headings, photos and captions.











Drama Workshop


St. Patrick class enjoyed a drama workshop led by 'Perform' this week.  

The theme was all about Fairytales.  

See if you can spot which characters the children are acting in the role of from the photos!  





St. Patrick Class visit The Science Museum!


As part of our Topic work on Explorers, the children visited the 'Exploring Space' exhibition at the Science Museum.  We saw a life-size replica of Neil Armstrong's space craft and lots of model rockets.  We also got to see what Earth would look like from Space, and we even saw a small piece of the moon on display!  Whilst at the museum, the children also had a look at a range of vehicles from the past, including some model aeroplanes, an old Royal Mail carriage and a huge model ship.  Following the trip, the children will be writing recounts in class.












To introduce the school's new learning values; 'Bee' Your Best, the children and staff all came to school dressed as bees!  The day began with a special assembly introducing the seven learning values; Be... Focused, Ambitious, Resilient, Creative, Brave, Flexible, and Confident.

Don't you think we look brilliant in our bee costumes?!


The children were visited by Olympic Athlete, Jo Mersh, who told the inspirational story of her journey to success.  She overcame several setbacks when training to be an Olympic runner but stayed brave, focused and resilient.  She also worked hard to build her own career as a singer-songwriter!  The children were truly inspired by Jo, to want to be the best they can be.  




After meeting Jo, the children reflected on their own aspirations for the future and drew their own 'dream bubble' with a vision of who they want to be when they grow up.





In maths, the children have been learning about the equals symbol.  They have used different objects to show that equals means the same.  It is important that they understand this before moving onto other calculations using the addition and subtraction symbols.




The children in St Patrick have been learning all about The Creation Story in R.E. and worked together to act it out with materials and objects.

Picture 1 On the first day, God made day and night.
Picture 2 On the second day, God made the sky and water.
Picture 3 On the third day, God made the land and plants.
Picture 4 On the fourth day, God made the moon, sun & stars.
Picture 5 On the fifth day, God made the sea creatures.
Picture 6 On the sixth day, God made the animals & humans.

In maths, the children have been using Numicon to make number bonds to 10.  They have also been counting to 100 in 1s and 10s using a bead string.  They had to be careful not to lose count!


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In Literacy, the children have been coming up with adjectives to describe a setting for a little boat's journey.  They painted pictures of the different settings to help generate ideas.

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