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Our School Councillors took part in the Camden debates in June 2017. They put together a PowerPoint presentation on the topic 'Road Safety' which you will find below.

Anti Bullying Poster



Anti Bullying Poster


During one of our meetings we decided to update our anti bullying poster and remind pupils about our "ABC" code .




NISA Store Donation

We were delighted when our local NISA store (formerly Costcutter) in Queens Crescent contacted us to say that they wanted to make a donation of £500 to our school. NISA is very appreciative of the fantastic support and custom it receives from our children and families and wanted to give something back as a gesture of goodwill. This is the second time they have chosen to make a donation to St. Dominic's and we are very appreciative of their support towards our school.




The School Council accepted the cheque from the NISA representative, Edwin Garcia, when he joined us for a thanksgiving assembly. They will be sending a letter of thanks for this very generous donation and will meet to discuss how to spend it!


Advent Appeal 2017




The purpose of today's meeting was  to discuss this year's Advent  Fundraising Appeal and to establish what each class is doing to raise funds. We talked about several charities including the homeless, CAFOD etc. but unanimously voted for the NSPCC as we donated to the other charities last year. We discussed ideas for classes and suggestions included;


  • Pyjama Day
  • Book Day
  • Face Painting
  • Movie day
  • Teddy Day
  • Cake Sale
  • Decorations
  • Christmas Jumper Day.


After discussing the results with their classes it was decided that Lower KS2 woyld make 2018 calendars and sell them. Upper KS2 will hold a sponsored Fun Run. We will charge entrance fees for the Nativity plays and put that towards the fundraising as well.


We will also hold a "Christmas Jumper day" and charge £1 each or £2 per family.


We drafted a letter for the parents and sent it out.







Present: Mrs Murphy, Sandra, Carlos, Georgie, Ruby, Shanti, Thomas, Megan, Maddie, Josh


Apologies: Marley




  • Remembrance - Poppy Appeal
  • Good manners


  • The British Legion delivered traditional poppies, poppy wristbands - 50p, bag clips - £1, lapel pins £2. Unanimous vote to help sell these in the playground each morning and afternoon.


  • How can we promote good manners around the school?


  • Sandra - "We could make posters and put them on the doors reminding children to be polite."


  • Josh - "Stand near Dan in the dining hall and remind people to say please and thank you."


  • Maddie - "Put posters up in class."





School Councillor Quotes


"I want to help everyone feel safe and looked after in our school." - Shanti


"It's good to be in the School Council because you can help other children." - Maddie


"I like listening to other people's questions and ideas. We get to talk about lots of different things when we come to the meetings." - Thomas


"I want to help improve manners in this school, especially to the lunch staff." - Megan


"I want to help improve the school lunch menu and get a say in other things." - Josh


"As a School Councillor, I will try to make the school a better place for everyone." - Georgie


"I want to go to the Town Hall and meet the Mayor!" - Ruby


"I want to help make the school a good environment to work in." - Carlos


"I want to be a part of school improvement with work and play." - Sandra


"I wanted to see what the meetings were about." - Marley

Our First Meeting


During the initial meeting on 28th September 2017, the newly elected council discussed the reasons why they wanted to be on the council and what they thought being a councillor would entail. After this session they came up with a statement for the notice board.


"Our School Council is a group of friendly responsible leaders who will work hard to make a difference to our school. We are considerate of different cultures and opinions and are keen to be a voice for everyone in the school. We want everyone to be able to share their voices to make the school even better. As a team we will work together to make sure our school is a positive, healthy and safe place to learn. Our goals this term include making sure that every child in our school feel safe and knows who they can talk to if they are worried. We are also working hard to promote our school values."

St. Dominic's School Council 2017-18


We would like to present this year’s School Council!


Our aims and objectives are for all children at St. Dominic’s to be able to have a voice and contribute towards the continuous improvement of our school community.


We have Carlos, Sandra, George, Ruby, Megan, Marley, Josh, Maddie, Thomas and Shanti.

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