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Welcome to St. Dominic's Learning Champions Webpage!


The Learning Champions are a group of Year 5 children who want to help other children in school to "Bee," the best learners they can by using our St Dominic's Learning Values.


Our seven learning values encourage the children to, "bee"


  • Focussed
  • Confident
  • Ambitious
  • Flexible
  • Brave
  • Creative
  • Resilient

The Learning Champions have discussed and agreed their ideas about what good learning looks like and how all children can be their best.

In the Spring term they are going to visit each classroom to watch children learn and give them feedback on how well they are learning. They are also going to be awarding the best learners with wristbands and celebrating their successes on this webpage.


So look out for the best learners in school!

The Learning Champions have been visiting the Key Stage one classrooms. They have visited St. Patrick and St. John classes so far and have been really impressed with the way they learn!

After they had watched the children in the lesson, they talked to them about their learning.

They gave the children feedback about their learning.


Finally they gave the best learners wristbands! In St. Patrick's class the learning champions thought that Yasmin, Lewis, Raphael, Olivia and Myah -Lee were the best learners!

In St. John's class the learning champions were so impressed with the children that they all got a wristband!
The Learning Champions recently visited St. Anne's classroom to work with the children. Please take a look at the slideshow below! Sam, Ashani, Dina, Archie and Hannah received wristbands for their excellent work!

The Learning Champions went back to visit St. Patrick's class to help the children with their learning.

Miss Forbes asked the learning champions to show her class how they would act out how they would have felt if they were in the Great Fire of London. The learning champions were only too happy to join in!

The Learning Champions visited St. Bernadette today. The learning champions wristbands were awarded to D'Angelo, Lacey, Sophie, Callum, Luna, Joey and Erin for their excellent learning throughout their science lesson. Well done!

The Learning champions visited St. George and the wristbands were awarded to Salem, Joshua, Phoebe, Maddie and Barry for their excellent learning throughout their topic lesson. Well done!