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Welcome to St Anne Class!


 Sports Day!


St Anne had a great time with Coach on Sports Day, with a whole range of activities, from the egg and spoon race to a relay race!











Maths and Sports!


This week in maths, the children have been learning about money.  They can now recognise coins and notes, order them by value, count up totals efficiently, and solve money problems!


To get ready for Sports Day, we decided to play some active games with money, which required quick counting strategies and an understanding of the value of different coins.


The first game was the 'money on the spoon race'...

How much money could they pile onto their spoon and get to the other side of the playground?  On returning to their team, they had to count up their total quickly so that the next child could go!






The second game involved throwing a beanbag into a choice of three targets at different distances.  Depending on where their beanbags landed, they could win 2p, 5p or 10p.  The children then had to count up their totals to see who earned the most from their throwing skills!






A mischievous rabbit breaks into Mr McGregor's garden and steals countless vegetables... The children have reported on the issue below:

Michelle Year 1


Luke Year 2


Emily Year 2


Harry Year 1





To introduce our final topic with a bang, we had a themed costume day for SUPERHEROES!  We created our own fictional story by acting out an adventure in school and are now planning our own stories to write in Literacy next week!  We had a range of superheroes, from well-known comic book heroes, to real life heroes.  Some children even invented their own superhero persona and costume!






The superheroes captured the villains... Mrs Dawson and Batgirl!

Learning about Other Faiths


In RE have been learning about other faiths and we recently started to learn more about Islam.  The children learnt about Ramadan and will find out more when it ends for EID in June.  A Muslim pupil even brought in her family's prayer mat to show the rest of the class.  The children loved seeing the intricate details on the prayer mat.



She then showed us how Muslims pray and explained that it was important to remove her shoes before kneeling on the prayer mat.

Everyone was truly respectful and enjoyed learning about another faith.

Position and Direction


In maths we have been learning about fractions including halves and quarters.  We have then related this to position and direction by exploring half turns and quarter turns.  We practised outside with the new playground markings and will move on to relate this to reading half past and quarter past times on an analogue clock.






Town and Country


In Geography we have been looking at the similarities and differences between life in the country and towns. We have compared the features of both and shared our views on where we think we would prefer to live.



A Royal Wedding!


This week St. Anne learnt the end of the play, 'As You Like It' and acted out the final scene.  It was a very special wedding with FOUR marriages!  All of the children in KS1 came together to act out the events of the wedding...

*Photo credits to our wedding photographers, Luke and Harry!


Some nervous grooms awaited their brides!


In the meantime, the brides got ready with their veils.


Bridesmaids getting ready...


Bridesmaids and brides gracefully walked down the aisle to the Bridal March, as the guests stood and smiled in awe.


The rings were brought to the alter on a special cushion.


The priest asked each couple if they agreed to marry...

Some guests shed a tear of joy as they heard the words 'I Do'


heartNewlyweds!!! heart


The priest and some wedding guests then read love poems that they had written for the special event.  Some examples can be seen below.




Guests clapped and cheered as the wedded couples made their way through clouds of confetti!


All of the guests joined in for the 'First Dance'



Still image for this video

How the Holy Spirit changed the world...


In R.E. we have been discussing how the Holy Spirit changed the world.  We have thought about how the apostles spread The Word of God and how we can do that too, as followers of Jesus.  We made Holy Spirit hats and flyers to help communicate the message.





Debate in Literacy


This week we became the Lords in 'As You Like It' and held a debate on whether it is better to live in the Forest of Arden or the Royal Court.  We had to listen carefully to one another to give counter-arguments.  Some children even used rhetorical questions and emotive language to persuade those who were undecided! 


Lords and Ladies in the Royal Court!


Lords and Ladies in the Forest!


These Lords were undecided...


We also decided to interview 'Duke Frederick' and then answer questions in role.  This would help us to form an understanding of what life might be like at court!






Pizza Express Trip!


St. Anne were thrilled to become chefs for the morning and make individual pizzas to take home. 

We learnt about how pizzas are actually originally from Egypt!  We also learnt about the different ingredients that make up the dough, sauce and toppings.  




Take a look at our step by step guide to making a Margherita Pizza...

Step 1:  "Make the crust"




Step 2: "Spread the sauce, but be careful not to touch the edges!"





Step 3:  "Sprinkle the cheese.  Don't put too much or the pizza will be soggy..."




Step 4: "Put it in the oven for seven minutes!"


Step 5:  Enjoy!!!!


'As You Like It'


This term we are learning all about Shakespeare and we will be exploring one of his comedy plays, As You Like It.  Each week, we learn about a new part of the play through drama and role play.  This week we held a debate over Charles' choice to listen to Oliver and hurt his brother, Orlando in a wrestling match, or fight fairly as his duty to the Duke.  We planned and wrote letters to Charles, advising him!


Let's vote... who thinks Charles should "break his neck and finger!?"


The match... Charles fought fairly but Orlando won!


Rosalind was so impressed, she instantly fell in love and gave Orlando her necklace.  Orlando was speechless!






Let's see the moment when Rosalind approaches Orlando after the wrestling match...

After the wrestling match....MOV

Still image for this video

In R.E.

The Ascension 


In R.E. this week we have been learning about how Jesus ascended to Heaven to be with his Father.  We learnt about His gift of the Holy Spirit.




Some quotes from the children:

"It is the best gift in the world.  I have the power of the Holy Spirit!"


"Jesus did keep his promise because now everyone knows about God."


"Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit because he loves us."


Some of the children also drew pictures to show the power they feel from the Holy Spirit...



True Detectives...


This week in Science, we went back in time to investigate what our teachers looked like as babies and toddlers! 

We worked in teams to solve the mystery and pair up the baby photos with the adult photos.  We had to look closely at facial features to match the pairs.  We then came up with a list of how humans age from babies to adults, and we predicted how we might change as we grow up!








Safer Internet Day


On Safer Internet Day we learnt about being kind online, as we would face to face. 

We decided to create posters in small teams, of some of our favourite aspects of school life.  We could use anything we wanted...some children used paint, pens, and collage to create an artistic poster.  Others took photos in the classroom using the iPads, and printed these to display on our posters. 








We have uploaded these here onto the school website for others to see what we love about school!


Team A nosmiley


Team B no indecision


Team C nonosad


Team D no heart


Team E heart no


Team F smiley no


In class, we will practise making kind comments and saying what we like about each poster.  We will then vote on our favourite!  This will help us to make kind and positive comments about other posts we may see online.


Science Experiment


In Science this week we have been learning about materials and whether they are absorbent or waterproof.  We found that the fabric material was absorbent but the wax crayon was waterproof.  We decided to try an experiment to see if we could combine both materials to make the fabric appear waterproof. 





Take a look at the result:

Video to show how to waterproof fabric.MOV

Still image for this video

Subtraction in Maths


In maths this week we have been subtracting by using tens frames and by using number facts to make it easier.  First we make the whole number in the tens frame, then we partition the number we need to subtract.  We subtract to 10, then take away the remaining amount to find the final answer.  The final calculation is easy as we can use our number bonds to 10!




Computer Programming Trip


St Anne went to the CLC this week to have a day of Computer Programming!  We learnt all about algorithms; what they mean and why we use them. We practised by using ourselves, the Beebots, and then on the computer program, 'Busy Things'.  In the afternoon we were confident enough to write our own simple code for the game 'Angry Birds'. 



Still image for this video














If you would like your child to continue to practise the skills learnt on this trip, some of the games can be accessed through the 'Busy Things' website or App.

Alien Invasion...?


KS1 were shocked and confused to find evidence of an alien invasion in the school earlier this week.  We found traces of alien slime in the classroom, footprints on the roof and a letter requesting permission to land their spaceship in the school grounds. 





We have decided to write letters back to them, asking that they find an alternative home for their spaceship.   In the meantime, we have recorded some short videos persuading them to leave our school and teachers alone!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Learning to Persuade...


In English, we are learning how to write persuasive letters.  We began by holding a debate so that we would become familiar with some persuasive techniques when speaking. This week we considered reasons FOR and AGAINST replacing the school kitchen with a McDonalds. 

We chose to argue AGAINST!


Reasons were communicated with a clear voice.

We used gesture and made sure our bodies were facing the audience.

We made meaningful eye contact.


We listened carefully to the opposing side and responded to their points made by saying:

I agree, but…

I disagree because…

We asked questions to reinforce our argument.


We came to a conclusion and reported back to the kitchen staff!



Our New Topic...


We created a display for our new topic.  It features:

► Tudor Houses

► The River Thames

► A Blazing Fire!


Can you guess what it is?






Wishes for Santa...


The children in St. Anne had many hopes and wishes for Santa this year...


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

We were thrilled when our wishes came true and Santa came to see us at school!

He brought everyone an early Christmas present and then we all had a sing-song.








Still image for this video

Advent Fundraising for the NSPCC


This year we are dedicating our Advent Fundraising to the NSPCC.  Key Stage One decided to hold a dance-off to raise funds through sponsorship.  We danced to a fantastic selection of Christmas tunes and three winners were chosen at the end (one from each class). 

Take a look at some of our best moves...











Trip to Waitrose


As part of our PSHE work on 'Our Community', St Anne made a trip to Waitrose in Finchley Road to find out more about how food is produced, cared for and also how it tastes! 



We began by exploring the warehouse where all of the food is stored.  It was fun to walk inside a life-size fridge.  After this we put our hands in the chilly freezer...  - 18 degrees!



We loved learning about how the blue cheese was made with bacteria and we were surprised to see how big a full size salmon fish is!






We particularly enjoyed tasting the cheese and bread, and a wide range of fresh fruit.  Waitrose were kind enough to offer us 'goodie bags' with healthy snacks to take home.









This week the children have been celebrating reading, starting with a dress-up day on Monday, where everybody dressed as their favourite book characters!


We had characters from old and new stories, as well a space man from a non-fiction text!


There were witches and wizards...


We even had a comic book hero!


There were many different princesses from our favourite fairytales...


...and we even had an angel!


We loved exploring the Book Fair, and we got to choose some books to take back to class for our Guided Reading lessons!




Later in the week we had a visit from an author, Faustin Charles.  He read us one of his favourite stories and played some games that got everyone singing!



After a week of different reading activities and homework, we decided to reward two children from each class for their efforts in reading this week.  Our winners in St Anne presented excellent Book Reviews and have been working hard to improve their own reading over the course of the week!


Class Trip to Kentish Town City Farm


As part of our science topic on 'Living Things and their Habitats', we decided to visit the farm to learn more about where and how animals live.  We learnt so much about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores too.  Our favourite parts were meeting Al, the tortoise, and stroking the goat at the end!












Fractions of Shapes and Numbers


This week in maths, St Anne have been finding halves and quarters of 2D shapes and halves of quantities. We worked together to problem solve by exploring how we can check if any 2D shape can be split equally into halves.  We decided to draw, measure fold and cut to find some answers.











Our New Topic:  Indian Spice



This term we will be exploring culture and animals in India and the jungle, as part of our topic, Indian Spice.  In Geography and Literacy we have been learning about the characteristics of jungle animals that might live in the jungle by researching in partners.  We visited the library to find books about animals.  We were surprised to discover that there are many endangered animals, which we will explore more in our PSHE lessons.






Look at some of our fact files about the endangered animal we researched, the Bengal tiger!





St Anne Church Visit


St Anne class loved their prayer service at the church this week.  Our school chaplain, Father Lawrence, taught the children how to genuflect and showed them the tabernacle on the altar.  We then gathered around the statue of St Anne to share the artworks we created in the week.  The children created watercolour paintings of symbols and colours that represent the characteristics of mothers.  We finished the prayer service with some children sharing the prayers they had written in class.





Literacy and Cooking!


We have been learning all about instruction writing this week and to link this with our Literacy topic on fairytale stories, we decided to make gingerbread men!  We took turns helping to make the dough and we also took notes on the steps taken to make gingerbread men.  We will use these notes to write our own set of instructions.





Number Work in Maths


In maths we have been learning about place value in 2-digit numbers.  We used the straws to make a group of ten and added single straws to count out the ones.  We then used other maths resources to represent the 2-digit numbers, counting out the tens and ones.