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This afternoon, St Peter had a blast (off).


Continuing on in our chemical reactions, students looked at pressure in vitamin C tablets. We constructed rockets and sent them to outer space!


Watch what happens!!!!



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What happens when a Science joke isn't funny?

There's no reaction!


Having no reaction was certainly NOT the case in St Peter this week. We are continuing to explore special effects in Science, and students created their own chemical reaction. Yes, that's right! The long awaited volcano explosion has finally come! 

Students built their own models of volcanoes and used different ingredients to test the 'explosion'. Unfortunately, the Coke and Mentos wasn't a success. According to Danny and Billy (and a few other boys), this was because Miss Philp bought the wrong type of Mentos...This will have to be rectified in the near future!


However, watch the videos below to see how the bi-card and vinegar turned out!


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Gifts from the Holy Spirit


Today, students discussed how the Holy Spirit is represented. We explored how a stained glass window completely changes when sun is shining through it and related this to how we shine when the Holy Spirit shines through us.

Students designed and created their own stained glass window that represents the Holy Spirit or our gifts from God.



Can you separate sugar from water? This week, students explored the concept of saturation and mixing sugar into water. 

Today, students posed the question; "Can the sugar be separated back out again?"


 St Peter began an experiment to create sugar crystals and see if we can separate the two elements. 


This is what they look like now.....Keep an eye on this page to see what happens next! 

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Sizzling Science!


What an exciting start to the term!

This Term, St Peter will be carrying out a range of experiments to investigate different special effect methods.


Students investigated different types of mixtures. We began by looking at what are solutes and solvents by tasting the difference in water and “sugary water”. We then had to determine which mixtures were solutions, colloids and suspensions by examining different mixtures on our tables. We also had to state the reason why we thought our answers were correct.


Stay tuned to see more of our experiments!


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Trip to the Natural History Museum!


We went to visit the Natural History Museum as part of the Disasters Topic. Year 5 have been learning about Volcanoes and Tsunamis in particular. Children were able to explore and find out more information in the museum about this topic.


We all had a great time!

Wild Waters

Our topic this term is ‘Wild Water’. We will be learning all about different rivers and applying our knowledge to all of our various subjects. But before we can attempt all of this amazing work, we have to see what we know and what we hope to learn this term!

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Ice-talavista, baby!


St Peter just needed a day to chill out so we headed to the ice rink. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves- although some of us spent more time falling than skating!

Most of us were quite nervous to begin with, but the courageous spirit of our class soon took over and before long we were attempting to go out independently, and by the end of our session, everyone had improved and still grinning.

Miss Philp and Miss Guppy were particularly impressed with how St Peter helped each other out and made sure our whole class was having fun, even if we were all pulled down in the process. We were also so proud how respectful some students were in public! 

What a way to end Book Week! We shared our most-loved books and acted out our favourite scenes. Take a look at our confidence as we shared our love of reading- special mention to our very own King Arthur (and our stone)!

Sword in the Stone

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Bike Ability Super Stars

Bike Ability Super Stars 1


Book Week

What a way to start off Book Week in St Peter! Check out our amazing costumes today, which clearly had been well thought out and planned. This was a great opportunity to talk about our favourite books and characters. Keeping our eyes out for top contenders in the "best participation" competition for Book Week 2017.

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Our Greek Pots

Our Greek Pots 1
Our Greek Pots 2
Our Greek Pots 3

Guess what?!


This term, we are starting to build and develop our problem solving skills. During these sessions, we work in pairs to solve a variety of maths puzzles and problems. In each lesson, we learn a new way to approach our puzzles and we work together using our newly learnt approach to solve it.


Below are some examples of the puzzles we have been trying. Can you solve them? If not, don't worry, we can! So come and ask us...

Problem solving examples

Problem solving examples 1
Problem solving examples 2
Problem solving examples 3

We put the important Greek Events in order

We put the important Greek Events in order  1

Playscripts - we have been acting out playscripts and writing our own!

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