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In our reading lessons this week, we have been looking at poetry. We focussed on a poem by William Blake called, ‘The Tyger’. Each one of us took it in turns to read a part of the poem and this improved a lot of children’s confidence as some children feel anxious talking in front of others. Well done to everyone!

A Visit from the Dog’s Trust


We were very lucky to have a member of the Dog’s Trust visit our school this week. Her name was Kelly as she taught us all about how to keep our dogs safe and what goes in to looking after a dog. She showed us how we might be able to adopt dogs in the future and where the local Dog's Trust centres are.

Year 3 trip to the CLC


On the 12th June, we had an enjoyable day the CLC. We were lucky enough to be taught how to use Edison robots and programmed them to do what we wanted. As a class, we used the skills we had been taught to make the Edison robots make turns and produce sounds whenever they came across obstacles.

Sports Day 2019


On the 10th June we had our Sports day. We had a great time and competed against each other in: the egg and spoon race, the javelin, the high jump and the relay. We supported each other and worked well within our teams. The whole class would like to thank Coach Sol for all of his support and guidance in getting us prepared for this day.

How to tell the time


We have really enjoyed our Maths lessons recently as we have been learning to tell the time. We have used analogue and digital clocks and learnt how to tell the time on a 12 hour and 24 hour clock. In addition to this, we have discussed: how many seconds are in a minute, how many minutes are in an hour, how many hours in a day and how many days are in each month.

A Visit from Google


On Friday 29th March, we were lucky enough to have two employees of Google visit us. They showed us how to stay safe online and tested us at the end of the session. We learnt how to be careful when creating passwords and how to make them difficult to crack.

A very special visitor

Earlier on in the week, we were very lucky to have an Olympic athlete visit our school. His name was Steve Frew and he won Gold at the 2002 Commonwealth games in gymnastics. We were all able to ask him questions about his love for gymnastics and even got to see him perform a few special tricks. The best one was seeing him jump over some of the children in our class AND a teacher too!


After the assembly, we all took part in a physical workout circuit and got to have a photo with the man himself.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Flat Bread Pizza

This week, St Bernadette were very fortunate to cook a delicious flat bread pizza as part of our ongoing work to help us gain our healthy school award. We all had to work very hard and had to prepare the ingredients.


A group of us cut up the courgettes, mushrooms and onions. The second group prepared the flat bread by spreading tomato puree over the bread, and the third group cut and grated the cheese.


We had a lot of fun both preparing the food, but even more fun tasting what we had created!

Play Scripts

In our Reading lessons, we have been learning a lot about play scripts. We have been learning about one of the most famous play script writers - William Shakespeare - and we even got to practice acting out one of his famous play scripts ourselves.


Through our sessions, we have learnt about the key features of a play script and know when each character is going to say their lines.


Recently, we have had a go at creating our own play scripts too.

Tower of London

We had a truly unforgettable experience when we visited the Tower of London this week! All of us had a lot of fun and learnt a lot too.


As part of our ‘Crime and Punishment’ topic, we had learnt about the people that had been held in the Tower of London and about their crimes that they had been accused of. We were very lucky to take part in a workshop, which was led by a woman called Hillary. Hillary taught us about Ranulf Flambard (the first ever prisoner in the Tower of London) and also about one of the most famous prisoners - Anne Boleyn.


Here is what we were saying about the trip:

Rocco - “I liked seeing the Torture tower and where the prisoners were executed.”

Bella - "I really liked going to the place where the prisoners were imprisoned and beheaded."

Healthy Eating

This week in our PSHE lessons, we have been looking at how we can become healthier when it comes to food. We have discussed which foods are healthy and which are not so healthy. We have assessed out understanding by taking part in a questionnaire and really enjoyed learning how we can look after ourselves better.

World Book Day

This week, we celebrated World Book Day and were able to dress up as our favourite characters from our favourite books. We took part in an assembly and got to look at all of the outfits the pupils in the school wore during a whole school assembly. To celebrate the day, we took part in activity which involved us redesigning the front cover of our favourite book.

The Black Hole

In our English lessons this week, we have been focusing on a small digital film called The Black Hole.


We have acted out the film using our drama skills and even came up with our own alternative endings. This has allowed us to use our imaginations and helped us to be more creative within our writing.



Internet Safety Day


In our PSHE lessons, we have looked at how to stay safe online.


We discussed how the Internet works and how we can keep our personal information secure online. As a class, we had a discussion about how we can protect ourselves online and acted out some real life situations. Our role plays focused on what we should do if a person posts a picture of us online without our permission.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


In our Reading lessons, we are learning to record and retrieve information from fiction books. Therefore, we are starting to learn about space. We have visited the library to find a lot of books on space that we can use to record our research. We are thoroughly looking forward to finding out: what a space station is, what planets are in space and what the role of an astronaut is.

Drama in English

During the week in English, we have been planning our narrative on the ‘Hatton Garden robbery’. We have been planning what we are going to write and have used drama to act out the events of the robbery. This has helped us create a deeper understanding and helped with our learning.

Crime and Punishment

In our topic lessons we have been focussing on ‘Crime and Punishment’ We have learnt a lot about the courts and what sort of people work in the courts as well as what their roles are. We have re-enacted a court scene and taken on the different roles: Judge, Jury, Clerk, Barristers and Defendants.

Hatton Garden Robbery


In our English lessons we have been focussing on the ‘Hatton Garden Robbery’. The pupils have really enjoyed researching about one of the most famous robberies in history. Together, we have learnt: who the robbers were, the process they had to go through to get to the vault as well as what the robbers might have thought and felt throughout the event. This has allowed the pupils to produce an engaging narrative.


Who are the Police?

As part of our topic which focuses on 'Crime and Punishment', we have been learning a lot about the justice system in the United Kingdom. We have really enjoyed researching what the role of the police is and what they do to protect us. We have learnt that there are different types of police officers; police constables and detectives as well as what the role of a PCSO is. Some of us have been so enthused by what we have learnt that we have considered becoming a police officer when we grow up.



This week, in our English lessons, we have spent lots of time planning to write a newspaper article.


We decided that we should write a newspaper article on our classroom being vandalised and our post-box being stolen.


We have really enjoyed taking on the role of journalists and have had fun creating eye-catching headlines. As well as this, we have really focused on ways to make our writing more powerful and interesting.



In our Maths lessons, we have been working on multiplication.


We have been using a range of different mathematical materials to improve our knowledge on how to multiply multiples of ten. We have also worked hard to  multiply two-digit numbers by one-digit numbers.


We have learnt how to exchange larger counters for smaller counters and have answered reasoning questions on these topics to help us to improve our understanding of the topic. It's been a challenging week - but we have certainly done well!

Year 3 got 'ROBBED'


It has certainly been a busy week after returning from the Christmas holidays!


In our English lessons, we have been learning how to write newspaper articles and coincidently, we discovered this week that a prized possession from our class (our worries and thoughts box) was stolen from the classroom. We have interviewed the suspects that we believe might have taken the post box: 

Les - our caretaker 

Dan - our chef

Miss Balman - the Year 4 class teacher


We are still in the process of finding out who the culprit is, but in the meantime, we are acting as journalists and writing an article about this incident. We hope to show you our work in the near future and let you know who the culprit was. 

Merry Christmas from St. Bernadette!!


It has been a really fun end of term celebrating Christmas. We have participated in the KS2 nativity which took place in St. Dominic's Catholic church and have had Father Christmas visit us. We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

"Should the World Cup have affected the Amazon rainforest in 2014?"


In our English lessons we have been focussing on the advantages and the disadvantages of the World Cup occurring in Brazil in 2014. We have been able to identify how the World Cup benefitted Brazil, but also how it affected the country. We have looked at the impact the tournament had on the country's tourism, economy and educational welfare. We have really enjoyed doing the research and then having a debate about whether we think the World Cup should have or shouldn't have occurred in Brazil.

"Food, Glorious Food"


This week, we were lucky enough to learn how to make our own pasta salad. We all participated in cutting up the ingredients and made sure we worked together as a team. After all of the hard work of prepping, we were able to enjoy the delicious meal we had created.

Nellie - "I liked cutting up the tomatoes."


Mia - "I loved eating the food!"


Freddie - "I thought the food was very tasty."

Sublime Science


During the first half-term of the year, we have been learning all about living things. To begin with, we looked into the characteristics of all living things and which living things are vertebrates and which are invertebrates. At the end of this topic, we took part in a quiz to see how much we had learnt and could remember.

"The Great Kapok Tree"


In our English lessons, we have been learning how to write a diary entry. We have been reading a book called, "The Great Kapok Tree" and wrote our diary from the perspective of one of the animals in the story. We have been learning to write in paragraphs so that our work is easy to read and participated in a role play improve our understanding of the story. We really enjoyed this activity and it helped us to write our diary entry.



In Maths, we have been learning about Place Value and Addition. We have used concrete materials to help us understand how to order hundreds, tens and ones as well as how to add them together. We have learnt how to use a variety of representations, including counters and dienes. These materials have helped us also learn how to add two-digit and three digit numbers.

Our first school trip of the year!

Camden City Learning Centre (CLC)


Welcome to St. Bernadette Class!


We are an awesome Year 3 class and have lots of fun learning each day! We work really hard and aim to achieve our full potential.


Our class teacher, Mr Perry, will be updating our page so that you can see what we are learning about. You will also be able to see all of the thrilling activities we will be taking part in during the upcoming year. We hope you enjoy reading about us!