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Welcome to St. John

Welcome to St. John's class page for 2018-2019!  

We are a kind and caring class and we have fun while working hard. 

We are proud to be resilient learners and see school as an opportunity to grow and blossom

into the best versions of ourselves! 

We look forward to sharing all of our exciting events and learning achievements with you

on our class page.  We will update our class page weekly so keep checking in!


Minibeast Hotel


This week in Science we worked as a team to build our own minibeast hotel. We were surprised to see many small bugs making themselves at home straight away! We included wood, card, ceramics, water, rock and leaves to make it the perfect retreat for any bug.




Sports Day - Year 2!


We had a super afternoon of sports events this week for our very own Sports Day. The activities included; the egg and spoon race, javelin, relay race and the high jump. All of the children were very impressive and they worked so hard in their teams. We are very proud of everyone that took part!

A Midsummer Night's Dream


Year 2 were very lucky to have a storytelling session with a practitioner from Shakespeare's Globe theatre. The immersive performance was all about Shakespeare's comedy-romance, A Midsummer Night's Dream

We will use these story ideas to write our own script for a part of the play and then plan our own puppet shows in class over the next few weeks.

Class Trip to the V&A Museum of Childhood


This week, Year 2 went on a class trip to the Museum of Childhood to learn about puppetry and explore toys and other objects from the past. The trip included a workshop where we learnt more about the history of puppetry and how to put on a puppet show. In the end we got to make our own shadow puppets!

Take a look at our gallery...

Well done to all of Year 2, for working so hard on their SATs over this month. We hope you enjoy a restful half term and we look forward to the last half term of fun learning we have coming up!

Shakespeare in KS1...

King Henry V


Year 2 have loved learning about Henry V in this term's Shakespeare topic. After bring the play to life through drama, the children wrote persuasive letters, character descriptions and incredible stories which end without war, and instead promote peace!



Visit from LFB


The children had a visit from the London Fire Brigade this week, to learn more about what they do for our community, how we can prevent fire hazards at home and what to do in an emergency situation.  We learnt poems about staying safe and even got some homework for parents and carers to do!

Easter Assembly


Today, Year 2 performed a play to tell the story of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane and Peter's Denial.  The children were very proud of themselves as they combined two important parts of the story in one performance.

As St. John worked very hard, we are pleased to share some pictures here of the play.

Athlete Visit


This week we had a very special visit from the Commonwealth Games, Gold medal winner, Steve Frew!  The children enjoyed learning about his rise to success in Monday morning assembly and then taking part in an active keep-fit exercise session, with him and another trainer.






Some quotes from the children:


"It was hard work because I've never done exercise like that before but it was really fun!" Mia


"I found it easy as I do work outs like that all the time when I go boxing" Patrick

Cookery Week!


As it is cookery week in school, we decided to make little vegetable pies. We decided to name them 'Rations Pies' as we are learning about war-time rations recipes people followed during WW2.

Take a look at our cookery gallery...

Gifts for God


In R.E. this week, we thought about the sort of gifts we could give to God. We made posters showing that the perfect gifts are actually free as we can give the best versions of ourselves!


Computing at the CLC


Today St John went to the CLC again to learn about animation and also some coding.  The main part of the morning involved creating animated stories on evacuees in WW2.  In the afternoon, everyone got to complete their stories and then have a go at navigating Steve through the realms of Minecraft! 

See more in our photo gallery below.

World Book Day!


Today was World Book Day and to celebrate we dressed up as some of our favourite characters.  We will follow up next week on World Speech Day by debating who we believe to be the best book characters!

Take a look at some of our costumes here in St. John...


Fantastic Fairytale Characters


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


The Mischievous 'Horrid Henry'


Fabulous Females


Marvelous heroes


Family Favourites!


Getting into trouble...


Awesome animals!



Maths Moment of the Day!

Our very own Cruella De Vil was so brave to solve this digit problem in front of the whole class!  Well done! 



The Importance of Church


This week in Religion we discussed the importance of church, sharing our thoughts on why we visit and what it means to God.  We reflected on how it feels to go to church, what we love about it and why it is important to go on Sundays in particular.

The children then worked in pairs to create their own posters on the importance of church.






Internet Safety Week!



This week we have been learning about the internet; What it is and how we use it.  We came up with a shared definition of what the internet is...

"The internet is a bit like a big conversation across the world and you can connect to it through your phone, tablet, TV, computer and games console."


We then drew pictures of how we perceive the internet.




Trip to the Science Museum!


As part of out topic work on flight, St. John visited the Science Museum to find out more about aviation.  The children loved seeing a giant model of the Montgolfier Brothers' hot air balloon, the early models of gliders and the wide range of military jets.  We were in awe of the supersonic airplanes like the Concorde and Rolls Royce models!

Back in school the children wrote recounts of the trip.  Here are three detailed recounts:








Take a look at our trip photo gallery below:

Magnetic Materials


This week in Science we have continued to explore different materials and their properties.  We explored the classroom environment with magnets to find out what is and isn't magnetic.



Some quotes from the children:


"We found out that metal is the only material that sticks to a magnet"



"The magnets did not stick to wood, plastic and paper"

Harry, Tommy and Abigail


"Magnets are used for MRI machines, headphones, data in computers, speakers and fridge doors"

Ali, Ellie and Maximus

Our New Topic...




This term our Topic work and Literacy work will focus on the theme of Flight.

We will begin by researching famous pioneers in flight, such as the Montgolfier Brothers and the Wright Brothers.  We are getting creative in art and designing and making our own model hot air balloons.  In Literacy we are creating our own dramatic flight adventure to write about in a diary entry.

Take a look at these moments from our turbulent drama lesson!



Families and Celebration in R.E.


This half term we are learning about special occasions, particularly those with loved ones.  In R.E. this week we learnt about the time Simeon and Anna met Jesus for the first time, when Mary and Joseph brought him to the Temple.

We wrote diary entries in the role of Simeon. 

Take a look at the diary entry Maximus wrote...


Dear Diary,

Today something special happened.  I got to hold the Lord Jesus!  He was brought to the Temple by Mary and Joseph and they gave him to the people so they could hold him too.

I know he was God because he had a halo and I am so thankful.  Now I can die a happy man.


We then thought about special occasions we have spent with our own families and painted these onto hands, with words and watercolours to represent how we felt.





Multiplication and Division in Maths



We have been continuing to practise our 2, 5 and 10 times tables in mental maths by counting up in steps but we are now making links to our written calculations.  We have started to understand the concept of division as 'sharing' and 'grouping' and we have explored this using concrete materials before moving onto number sentences and word problems.

Dividing by Sharing and Grouping

Christmas in St. John!


This week we were so excited to see Father Christmas when he stopped by St. John class on his way to the North Pole.  He kindly gave us some early Christmas presents which turned out to be chapter books!

We were also dressed up as Christmas characters to raise money for the Crisis charity.


Presents from Father Christmas

Party Time!


It's Christmas week and we have started with our class party.  It was a fun filled afternoon with treats and lots of dancing!  It ended with a big sing-along to some of our favourite songs.  Tomorrow we will play some more games and have our school Christmas lunch.  






We also heard we will have a very special visitor...



Shadow Puppets in Science


This week in science, we learnt about shadows and created our own shadow puppets for the Nativity story.  We all worked as a team to make the different people and animals and then we drew diagrams to demonstrate how the shadows are made.







The Book Fair!

Last week we were thrilled to have the Book Fair in school and many of us had a chance to take a peek before parents and carers took us in after school.



We raised so much money from sales at the Book Fair that each class was able to spend £140 on new books for their book corners!  We chose a wide range of books to satisfy every reader.  Some children even created artworks of their new favourite books!




As we prepare for Christmas we are thinking about our choices during Advent.   This week we joined the parish for a special Advent mass led by Year 4.  back in class we considered the ways we can show love, peace, joy and hope and we created our own promise leaves to create a class wreath for our display. 




Sushi making

This week we have continued our learning journey about the continents of the world and we have been exploring Asian culture and cuisine.  We decided to try making a very well-known Japanese speciality...SUSHI!

We all worked as a team to make delicious vegetarian sushi... take a look at our pictures.  This also linked to our Literacy work as we wrote detailed instructions on sushi-making.

Polar Adventures

This week the children have been writing the endings for their adventure stories about our travelling polar bear.  Take a look at Sam's - he has chosen excellent words and even added a question!


Handwriting SuperStars!

Each week we will choose the most improved handwriting

to post on our web page.  This week's handwriting superstar is...


Harry has worked hard to ensure his letters are smaller, consistent in size and sitting on the lines.  Well done.

Computer Programming at the CLC


This week we went on a class trip to the CLC to improve our early programming skills.  Last year we used the BeeBots to understand simple algorithms but now that we are in year 2 we're able to use the BlueBots!  





We did so well that we were able to write our instructions down and then program the BlueBots using an iPad and Bluetooth!




In the afternoon we put our skills to use using the Mac computers and a program called 'Purple Mash' to program different characters to move through a maze.  Each level got more tricky and we found we had to be very specific when typing in our algorithms. 

Take a look at our CLC Photo gallery to see more!

Read Chloe's recount:


Money in Maths!


This week in maths we have been learning about money - an important life skill!  We have begun by counting pounds and pence, comparing amounts and finding equivalent amounts using the least possible coins.  


At home, see if you can practise counting coins with an adult - remember to count the pounds up first and then the pence.  Then see if you can tell an adult what the missing inequality symbols are here:

>    <     = 

Class Trip to The Canal Museum


This week St. John visited The Canal Museum near King's Cross to learn more about how some Victorians lived and also to understand how ice and other essential items were transported across our continent using the canal system.  The visit links to our History topic on Pioneers as well as our current Geography topic.

The trip started with a lesson in ice cream making!  We worked as a team, using traditional equipment to crush, mix and blend the delicious vanilla ice cream.  We learnt that the ice was transported from Norway and stored in a deep ice well to stay cool.






It tasted great!



After lunch we learnt more about cargo and we also got to experience what it was like to live on  canal boat.  We had lots of fun dressing up as Victorian canal boys and girls and we loved seeing the deep ice well where the ice would have been stored.



Take a look at our trip photo gallery here to see more!

Read Michelle's recount:

Topic - Around the World!


Our topic this term has a geography focus as we are learning all about the continents of the world.  Today we used the globe and the atlas to label and colour our maps of Europe according to average temperatures.  We had to create and follow a key to show which colours represent which temperatures!




Here are some new words we have learnt this week:







Seasonal Art

In Science we are learning about the seasons and linking this to art.  We created some paintings representing the four seasons, working in pairs.

Can you guess which they are?





Reading Raffle Prize Winner...

Keep up the super reading at home.  This week's prize winner was MICHELLE!  She read every day this week so she had 5 tickets in the raffle.  We are hoping for more entrants next week!



Our New Topic:

Poles Apart

This week we have begun our new topic which explores the seven continents and a little polar bear's travels around the world.

We discovered that the polar bear got separated from the mother polar bear and began his adventure through North America.

Here the bear met many other kinds of bears, telling them of his melting home.  Our polar continues to travel the world, discovering many other bears with ruined homes.


Victorian School Day


As part of our Autumn Topic on Pioneers, we decided to have a Victorian school day to experience what life was like during the time of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, John Logie Baird and Lord Shaftesbury.  


We experienced a Victorian lesson and transformed our classroom into a Victorian school!



We learnt about what school would be like in Victorian times...

Sitting in rows facing the front.


Saying the Lord's prayer facing the portrait of Queen Victoria.



Washing our hands and faces!


Many children got to try the dunce hat...

Luckily it wasn't real and we all got to return back to a normal school day in 2018.  Here are some quotes of what children thought of the day...


" It was hard work standing straight all of the time!" - Morgan


"I liked it when we pretended to have a Victorian day but I wouldn't have liked it if

I lived in the real Victorian times because they actually had the cane!!!" - Bobby


"I do not want to go back in time!" - Patrick


"It was strict and scary in Victorian times.  I like it more now" - Mia