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Welcome to St Joseph's 2018-2019


Welcome to St Joseph's! We are a lovely and an energetic bunch. We love exploring and learning in all areas of the curriculum. Have a look at our page to see all our exciting learning, any updates and information.





Easter Fundraiser


This Thursday (4th April), Nursery and Reception will be doing an Easter fundraiser to help buy consumable resources for the classroom (e.g. flour for playdough and paper plates for masks!).


We will be selling lots of sweet treats, including “Jolly Jars” with lots sweets inside. The jars cost £1 for a small jar and £2 for a big jar. There will also be other tasty treats to buy!


The fundraiser will be held outside the EYFS classrooms during home time on Thursday!


Many Thanks

EYFS staff


We've been building bridges for the three goats

Spring 2- Traditional Tales

In reception this term we will be reading a range of different Traditional Tales. We will be using masks, small world props and costumes to help us retell each of the stories. As a class we will be looking at the repetitive language in each of the stories and pretend to be each of the characters in the story.




Phonics Stay and Play

Thank you parents for attending our phonics stay and play session. We had a nice turn out. As a class we played a game called Georgie's Gym. The children had to follow the teacher's instructions. For example, "Put your finger on your l-e-g. Put your finger on your h-a-n-d. Put your finger on your h-ea-d." As a class they had to blend the words together in order to understand the instructions. We then showed our parents how well we can say our sounds and remember our tricky words. As a class we then played a game called 'Crocodile, crocodile.' The children had to reach inside the crocodiles mouth and pull out sounds, CVC words or sentences and use their phonics to help them read or say each of the words.

Phonics Stay and Play

"We are making food for the witch incase she gets hungry"

Our book of the week is Room on the Broom!

We have really enjoyed reading this story. As a class we made a list of all the characters and used our sounds to label them. We really enjoyed retelling the story altogether. The children really liked the repetitive language and used puppets to help them role-play the story.

See the source image



We enjoyed exploring the snow!

Stay and Play this week


This week we read the story 'Elliot and the Midnight Superhero.' We made our own actions to help us remember the main events in the story.  We took turns coming up to the front and showing our friends the action we wanted to use. This week we also drew Elliot's superhero mission and used our sounds to write CVC words and simple sentences.  We really enjoyed painting pictures of different super heroes.

Dressing up as superheroes

Designing our own monsters

We wrote recipes for our Gruffalo Crumble

We made Gruffalo Crumble!

As a class we made Gruffalo Crumble.  First we added oats. Then we added water. In small groups we took turns stirring the porridge. After that we added raisins and bananas. We also wrote down our recipe so that our friends and parents could make Gruffalo Crumble at home.

Spring 1

Welcome back! Hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday! This term our topic is Fantasy. We will be reading stories about monsters, superheroes, fairies and other fictional characters.



We have been reading the Gruffalo.As a class we used actions to help us retell the Gruffalo story. We then created a story map to help us.


Spring 1 dates for your diary!

Thursday 7th of February will be a Phonics Stay & Play session.




Stay and Play

Thank you parents for coming to stay and play. Here are some photos of our learning.






Week 6

This week we have been learning about fire-fighters and how they help us. We read Charlie and Lola visit the fire station. We also read some information books. As a class we also researched a few facts about fire-fighters on the internet. In small groups we had a go at writing a few words or a simple sentence about what we read. In our role-play area we created our own fire station.

Week 5

Book week

This week we have been reading 'This is the Bear and the picnic lunch.' As a class we have sequenced the story, made story maps and made our own books. We also used puppets to help us retell the story.  As part of our stay and play we made jam sandwiches just like the ones in the book. On Friday we are bringing in our favourite teddy bears to show our friends.



Our Learning Journey this week!

Our Favourite Teddies

During book we have been reading our favourite stories. We selected the books that we like best for around the classroom. We also visited the book fair to see what books we liked!

Week 4- Police

This week we have been learning about Police Officers and how they help us. We set up a police station in our role-play area. The children filled out incident forms and made lost posters. We really enjoyed learning about all the different ways people in our community help us.

Term 2- People Who Help Us

Week 3- Dentists

We have been learning about the dentists and eating healthy. We talked about what foods were healthy and good for our teeth. The children had a go at sorting different foods into two categories, healthy and unhealthy. We were very fortunate that the dentist also came that same week to check our teeth. 







Visiting the Dentist

Making Fruit Salad

Stay and Play

Stay and play for Nursery and Reception is every Thursday  from 8:40-9:15. This is an opportunity to spend time learning and exploring classroom provision with your child. Each week there will be different activities out to support the children's learning in all areas of the curriculum. These sessions will take place every week. 

Image result for counting eyfs




Term 2

Our topic this term: People who Help us

This term we are learning about different occupations and how they help us. We will be learning about doctors, nurses, paramedics, dentists, fire-fighters and the police. As a class we are talking about what we know about these people and what we want to find out. We will be using our sounds to write labels and begin to write simple sentences.

Image result for people who help us

Week 2

This week we have been reading information books about Doctors. We set up a hospital in our role-play area. We have taken turns writing prescriptions and filling out patient information forms.  In maths we have been using jelly numbers to help us form the different numbers we see around the classroom. We have used paint dabbers to draw the right quantity for each number. 

Going to the Doctor - Paperback - 9780746066737 - Anne Civardi



"Look I made a tower. I have 10" Cydney



Week 1

See the source image

This week we have been reading Funny Bones. We have set up a hospital in our home corner. We drew around our friends and used our sounds to label the different parts of the body. In our role-play area, we took turns being patients, nurses and doctors.



Term 1

Our topic this term: Ourselves

This term we have been reading a range of stories about starting school, ourselves and our families. As a class we have been talking about our favourite things and how to be a good friend to others. We made plates of our favourite food using beans, rice, pasta, string, and various collage materials.


Book of the week: Kipper's Birthday

This week we have been reading Kipper's Birthday. We made invitations, birthday cards and decorations for Kipper. We set up our birthday party in our role-play area. We have been using playdough and numbered cakes to see how many candles we need to make for Kipper.

Development Matters 


Children in the EYFS are taught according to the Development Matters Curriculum and lessons/activities are pitched at the age bracket your child is working in. Children are assessed in the following areas:

  • communication and language.
  • physical development.
  • personal, social and emotional development.
  • literacy.
  • mathematics.
  • understanding the world.
  • expressive arts and design.


You can find the link to the curriculum below.

Weekly Donations!

We will have a donation box out every Monday if you could kindly donate 50p or £1. Any donations will go towards buying ingredients for baking and classroom consumables. If you have any cereal boxes, tissue boxes or any junk modelling materials. Please feel free to bring them in. Your donations are greatly appreciated!


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