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 Welcome to St. Patrick's 2018-2019!


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Families and Our Community


Our current Topic is "Families and Our Community". We aim to explore school life for children in the local community now and compare it to the experiences of children in the past. So far, we have travelled back to the 1960s and the 1500s to explore the similarities and differences!  

Halving and Quartering



Year 1 are learning about how to half and quarter both shapes and quantities. We have explored how to do this with different concrete materials.


A half is one of two equal parts.


A quarter is one of four equal parts. 




Children As Storytellers

This half term, Year 1 will explore the story of Henry V by  William Shakespeare. The practical sessions are taught alongside Education Practitioners from Shakespeare's Globe and they aim to develop pupils' skills in Reading (comprehension) and Writing (composition). The sessions are very active and give the children great opportunities to explore the practice of drama, adopt different roles and improvise their own scripts!  



Our new Science topic is....


"Brilliant Builders" 

This term we have begun a new science topic, "Brilliant Builders". Each week, we aim to identify different materials and define their properties. We have already explored these by looking, touching and describing these materials and the objects from which they are made.







Safer Internet Day 2019

For Safer Internet Day, Year 1 followed the story of   Zap and Zoom to explore and discuss safe ways to use the internet. We also spoke about when it is appropriate to ask an adult for permission when using the internet. 




World Book Day

To mark World Book Day we re-created the cover pages of our favourite books! We used our knowledge and imaginations to design ones even better than the originals!


We also read our class favourite, " Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Bogey?" to celebrate the day!  




Our Spring 2 Topic is "Plants and Art". We discussed the term "seed dispersal" today and used a number of scientific skills to define this process. As part of our learning, we created our own versions of Syacamore seed helicopters. We observed how they moved in the wind outside.





Counting in 2s and 5s


This week Year 1 have been couhting in 2s and 5s! We have been exploring the repetitive patterns that help us remember!


Take a look at some of our work!!



Wartime Recipes


For our topic, "The Home Front" we made a traditional wartime recipe, "Bread and Butter Pudding". During our lesson, we discussed the term "rationing" and how evacuee children did this due to food restrictions during World War 2.


Easter Assembly


Year 1 performed their play to tell the story of the Last Supper. They acted and sang superbly and we were all very proud!


Here are some photographs from the day.

Autumn Term

A special visitor.........


Today, Year 1 dressed up in their Christmas character costumes. We had elves, Mr and Mrs Claus and even a few Grinches! A very special guest also paid us a visit :) 




Trip to the C.L.C.


Year 1 recently visited the Camden Learning Centre to learn more about computers and how to use them. We had a fantastic visit that included programming Bee-Bots and designing our own Christmas jumpers. 


Still image for this video

Number Bonds!


In Year 1 we aim to improve our fluency in number bonds for a number of reasons:


1. Number bonds help show us how numbers join together.

2. Number bonds demonstrate how numbers break down into component parts.

3. Number bonds help us gain the number sense needed to become successful in addition and subtraction!


As part of our weekly warm up routine for Maths, we like to perform a rhyme  that helps us remember our number bonds to ten. Take a look! 


"0 and 10 - My pet hen" 

"1 and 9 - Now I'm fine"

"2 and 8 - Cake on the plate"

"3 and 7 - Angels in heaven"

"4 and 6 - I like tricks"

"5 and 5- Glad I'm alive!" 

"6 and 4 - That's the law!"

"7 and 3 - You and me!"

" 8 and 2 - I like you"

"9 and 1 - Let's have fun!"

"10 and 0 - I'm a hero!"

Trip to the London Canal Museum


This week, Saint Patrick visited the London Canal Museum. We learned a lot of interesting facts!



Ice- cream making

We crushed some ice and made some yummy ice-cream the same way the Victorians did! 


Fun Fact: When you add salt to ice it gets even colder!


We also dressed up in Victorian clothes and traveled back in time! We experienced what life for children who lived on a boat was like. It was very cramped! 

Welcome to Autumn 2!

This half term, our topic is "Poles Apart" . We will be learning about the different continents and following our very own polar bear, Paul on a trip around the world. This week, Paul sent us a postcard and we tried to guess where in the world he comes from! 


For our first topic lesson, we discussed the continents and the countries in them. We spoke about what we know already and what we want to learn next. 


Here are some of the things we already knew!


"Africa - my family lives there" Yasmine

"I know China. It is busy" Raphael


and what we want to know about next.........


"Is America super hot?" Aydin

"Where do tigers come from?" Kyan







Our trip to church

Church Visit

To celebrate the month of the Holy Rosary, our class paid a visit to Saint Dominic's Priory Church. During our time there, we explored the different chapels in the church and said The Rosary together. We even formed a human Rosary! A big thank you to the parents who joined us; we hope you can join us next time too!