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Cooking and Nutrition


As part of our ongoing cooking and nurtition work, year 6 visited Waitrose in Kings Cross. During their visit, they were able to look at different products and investigate the nutritional guides given on everyday products that we use such as milk, cheese and bread. The children were lucky enough to see inside the store cupboard and even worked with two top chefs making delicious burriots (which we scoffed back at school later).


Some of the most interesting points/facts they discovered were:

- children should only have 6 teaspoons of sugar a day

- some foods contain 10 teaspoons of sugar such as certain breads

- eating lots of salt is bad for your heart

- most of the vegetables we eat are grown in Europe

- more vegetables and fruit is grown in the U.K. than meat


Year 6 working with year 3 on healthy eating

Doon't forget...St Martin's go swimming on Tuesday's - BRING YOUR HAT!

SATs are coming...


Over the last few weeks, we have been working hard in year 6 practicing our key skills ready for our tests. Here are our top tips to help you through them too:


1. Pace yourself


2. Read each question carefully


3. Fold the page and come back to it later if it's confusing - don't waste the time on it


4. If it's a narrative, read it all


5. List your multiples


6. Believe in yourself - if it's all going wrong - just think...I can do it!

Our new topic is...World War 1

Our virtual worlds that we created at the CLC

Still image for this video

CLC workshop



This week, as part of our on-going focus on our oracy skills, we presented some PPTs that we had made, to the children in year 3. Working in pairs or individually, we created an 8 slide presentation on the importance of being healthy and why becoming obese can be cause serious health problems. Each PPT focused on the dangers of obesity while suggesting ways that the children could avoid it, or even prevent it.


Have a look at our PPTs to find out more...

Obesity - Ways We Can Combat It



This half term we are beginning to really focus our lessons on the key skills we need to fly through our SATs. We have been working so hard this year in all of our lessons and we know we are going to be a huge success. Some of the things we have been working on are:


- Linking our skills in maths

- Practicing our fluency

- Building our confidence with tricky questions

- Using our maths skills - like our knowledge of the bar model to help us

- Taking our time


Even though it's not easy...we are not giving up! We will keep you updated with our top tips as we get closer...

Our new topic this term...Britain At Play

Icarus - At the children's theatre

Dance Workshop


This week we were really lucky as a year 6 class as we got to visit Parliament Hill Secondary school. We worked with a small group of year 10 girls and learnt a short routine that they had created. After we learnt the routine, we had to perform it to each other.


It was interesting being in the older school and seeing the different dance moves; some of us are certainly born dancers!


Dance workshop at Parliament Hill Secondary school


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Dance workshops

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Safer Internet Day


This year, Safer Internet Day is all about consent. As a class, we looked at what this means and when we have to ask it.


We know that sometimes it's not easy to ask for consent and sometimes, it's even harder to say NO. So, we thought about different ways we could say yes or no without offending or upsetting our friends.


We practiced saying the following phrases:

"Thank you but I don't want my image online."


"I would prefer it if you didn't post a picture of me."


"No - I don't like my pictures being shared on social media."


In pairs, we then thought about times we might need to ask for consent. It was interesting to discuss these times as lots of us share information about other people on What's app. But now we still need to ask for consent even when using What's app.


Here are some of the activities we completed as part of SID.

Safer Internet Day

Road Safety Workshop - Interactive Theatre


This week we had an amazing company come in called the Interactive Theatre. They spent all afternoon with us and shared the sad story of Aaron and his friend Kaz. Through drama, they replayed the serious incident that happened to Aaron and helped us to identify what we could to do to ensure it doesn't happen to us!


The actors were simply amazing and even though the story had a bad ending for Aaron, they made us laugh through out! Each of the leaders were really good at helping us to create our 'smart moves' too. Overall, it was a really informative and fun afternoon - we would love to have them back soon.


Check out our 'smart moves' videos below!


Here is what some people in our class had to say:

Tyler said,

"I really liked the man that played Aaron. He was really funny but it was sad when he died. His bit with his mum made me laugh a lot."


Phoenix said,

"It was really good and I was shocked when I realised Aaron had been hit and killed. I don't want that to happen to me, so I know I will watch the roads."


Lujane said,

"It was funny but it was real too. I always see boys playing with footballs and running across the roads. I am glad that I am more sensible but I think the acting was good because it made the boys think about the roads and football too; they need to be safer."


Road Safety Workshop - How to stay safe when crossing the road...

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Visit to the Houses of Parliament


Last week, we were so lucky as year 5 and year 6 were able to visit the Houses of Parliament!


We left school just after lunch and got the 24 bus straight outside Westminster station. Before we could even enter Parliament, we had to go through airport style security - where our bags went through a special machine and then we had to walk through metal detectors. It was really quick - unlike when you go to an airport.


Once we were inside, we were given special badges to wear so that the security team would know we had been checked and then split up into three groups. In our groups, we went to the see the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Incredibly, we were able to see some famous MP's and television stars. Sadly, Teresa May had already left the building - but seeing the MP's in action in both houses was still AMAZING!


After visiting both houses, we had a workshop were we got to practice our debating skills. Josh was our chair and he loved wearing the gown; he actually looked very professional in it too!


Finally, it was the end of our trip and we headed back to school by tube.


Overall though, we had a truly awesome day and have emailed our local MP to see if he can come in to talk to us some more.


Stay tuned to find out what we are up to this week.

From Danny, Billy and Munya

Trip to The Houses of Parliament

Our Mayan Masks

Mexico and the Mayans


This half term we will be studying Mexico and the Mayans.


Over the half term, we will investigating the history of the Mayans and looking at the current impact that they have had on Mexico. We will be comparing cultures and creating some interesting art pieces; we have already created some wild Mayan Masks!


This topic will link in with our English work too, where we will be writing our own Mayan myth. We have already begun to choose our own setting - so stay tuned to find out more about our creative writing pieces.

Mexico and the Mayans

Constructing 3D shapes

Christmas Character Day

DT in St Martins

Christmas Jumper Day

Extended Abstract Performance session

LI: to create an abstract version of the nativity

As a class, we independently created our own version of the traditional nativity scene using abstract art. We choose a traditional picture to start, and then used different colours or patterns to recreate the image in our own way. Below are some of the examples we created:

The Nativity Scene - An Abstract Version

PSHE - Rights and Responsibilities

Mental Maths Practice...Friday Fun :)

Mental Maths Maddness



Every Friday we practice our mental maths skills by completing a year arithmetic test. We use the skills we have been practicing all week in our maths lessons and put ourselves to the test. As a class, we use our favourite maths tools to help us in each session...our fingers of course! They are our best asset and they can help us do complex maths no matter where we are. We are also really pleased to say that each week we all manage to get a better and better score. I hope I'll get a 100% like Maciej soon - he even impressed Miss Knight with this score! She had to check the test herself :)


Ask us to help you with your mental maths skills if you would like some practice too! We have some clever tips and strategies.  


By Makeda

Book Fair Fun

Fractions and decimals = tough stuff!

Fractions, fractions, fractions...and decimals!


In math's over the last few weeks, we have been building our knowledge of fractions and linking it to our growing knowledge of decimals. We have used bar models and different representations to help us along the way, but it has certainly been a tough few weeks.



I have learnt how to add fractions and take away. If the denominator is the same, you only add or subtract the top parts. Then, if it makes an improper fraction we have to see how many parts can make a whole. It is the called a mixed number.



2          4          6                               1

5   +    5     =   5   = 1 whole and   5

Cooking Stations


This week, we had great session making fish cakes from scratch in class. We each got to make our own cake and we were even able to munch on them later in the afternoon; they were delicious.


Here is the recipe we followed to make each fish cake:


1 cooked potato

1 piece of fish

A handful of sweet corn

A selection of spring onion pieces

Raw egg


What to do:

1. Rapidly mash the potato making it soft and smooth.

2. Flake the fish (using your fingers is the easiest way).

3. Mix together your mash, flaked fish, sweet corn and onions.

4. Roll, squeeze and mold your mixture into a patty form.

5. Coat in raw egg.

6. Cook for 20 minutes.

7. EAT!


A quick note to say...

CLC visit - Creating a game on Mission Maker

CLC visit


This week we went to the CLC to complete some of our computing objectives for the year. We were very lucky as we were able to use a computing program called Mission Maker. It was a 3D computing program and we were able to design our own game involving doors, secret missions and all sorts of crazy characters. It was sooo much fun, especially when we got to create our own game.

Mission Maker Review

by Kacper, Danny and Billy


When we were at the CLC we got to use Mission Maker, it was a good program but sometimes it did crash. Overall, it was a really good experience as in the future, people might want to make their own games or become game designers.


The hardest part was making the doors open using other objects - we managed to do it - but it was tough.


I loved using the options with doors and objects; my favourite was throwing something at the door so it would explode and open.


We would LOVE to do it again.


Rating 9/10 smiley

Year 6 trialing a new computing program

What year 6 are saying about our new computing game...


Thiago - It's a 10/10 game. It tells you about how to program, how to control your robot and you've got to really think about some of the harder moves. It's really fun but now I'm on level 30, it's really hard!


Makeda - For the first few levels, it was really easy and then it more challenging. It's a fun game because it makes you think. Even if you don't get it the first time too, you just keep trying and then you can get there in the end. You've got to be resilient!

St Dominics school councillors

School council presentations and elections

Our new topic - Yes Minister

This half term - our new topic is Yes Minister.


Over the term we will be looking at the importance of debates, how parliament is run and we will even be visiting the Houses of Parliament too!

Make sure you ask us what we have been up to in our topic and class sessions.

Oracy lesson - the importance of protecting endangered animals

Here's what we had to say:


"I think it's really importance to protect animals like Rhino as they can't protect themselves. I think the poachers should be put in jail too!" Ruby


"Humans have guns - what do animals have? It's not a fair fight." Munya


"I believe that we need to do more to stop people from poaching. I know that poachers need the money to feed their families - but maybe if we can help them, they won't need to kill animals. We should help the poachers as well as the animals as we are all equal." Angelica

Reading success

Reading Practice Success


This week we completed a real SATs practice test and our results were brilliant! We used all of the skills that we have been practicing really carefully and Miss Knight was extremely proud of us. The hardest part was answering the 3 mark questions as you have to add lots of details. But most of us managed to get at least 2 marks on these questions - which is a great start.


We will keep practicing our skills and I am sure we will get better and better. We will keep you posted!

Did you know?


"That when a dog is chasing you, you should put your hands into an x and stand still. If you're on the floor, curl into a ball and stay still." Sonny


"LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender." Munya


"To check if there is a fire, put the back of your hand on the door handle to see if it's hot - then you will know if it is close." Daisy


"If there is a fire - stay down low because all of the smoke rises." Amy


"When at the train station, be careful not to play by the train tracks because if you fell, you could be really hurt." Joshua

Citizenship Day at Kentish Town Fire Station


We spent the afternoon at the fire station taking part in multiple sessions; all of them helping us to become better citizens! We loved meeting all of the professionals and it was really enjoyable hearing about how to stay safe. Some of our favourite sessions were when we met with the police, especially when a plain-clothed officer pretended to steal our phones. As always, we loved our session with the firemen too - some of the photos were scary - but at least we know what to do encase of a fire now!


We are hoping to invite the Dogs Trust into our school and the LGBT team into our school soon - so stay posted!



Our visit to church with Father Lawrence

Church Visit


On Monday, we visited St Dominic's church to share the mysteries of the Rosary and to learn even more about them. In groups, we were able to visit each chapel that represented one of the joyful mysteries and we completed an interesting worksheet that Father Lawrence had created for us. We were able to share our knowledge of each mystery as well as practicing using the Rosary. It was lovely to see so many parents at our session too; we hope they enjoyed it as much as we did.

Invitations to church - created by year 6

The Museum of London


Last week, as a whole class we visited the Museum of London to learn all about London and the way it was made. We chose to visit this museum as it linked in with our topic of Walls and Barricades. During our trip, we were able to see how London had been created and shapes over the years. We learn that the Romans had built huge walls, houses and streets - which made most of central London today. Plus, we even managed to see a real part of a Roman wall that has been preserved. As the day progressed, we moved into more modern parts of the museum and saw the impact that the Victorians had on London. They tore down many Roman walls - creating larger and more affluent houses - as well as creating large factories for their work forces. 


It was a great trip and we would recommend going. Here is what some of St Martin had to say about it:

"I liked it when we got to watch the movie about the Great Fire of London." Sonny


"My favourite part was walked down the Victorian lane - some of the shops were amazing!" Makeda


"I was impressed by the Victorian garden and the roads. It all looked really old and there were lots of details." Kacper


"I discovered that there were different kinds of clothing from the 1920's to now." Ruby

Visit from Father Lawrence

This week we were very lucky to have Father Lawrence come into our class and talk to us about the Rosary. He carefully explained the different parts/sections on a rosary cross and we looked at the 4 main mysteries of the Rosary. We also discovered that our church, next to our school, was the first built to have a chapel that represented all of the mysteries. Plus, he even told us about the garden of Luminous that was going to be made in the next coming year; we are excited to see it built.


As part of our homework,  we are going to find out more about each mystery and we are going to make sure we learn the Glory Be prayer. Then, when we visit church the following week, we can share our new knowledge too.

Father Lawrence showing the Rosary beads

Not a second wasted!


This year is a big year for us in year 6 as we have our SATs in May. As we are so dedicated, and because we all want to achieve, we have already begun to practice some arithmetic tests. This way, we will know exactly what skills we need to practice AND we can start to really focus on building our mental math's skills.


Feel free to test us when you meet us in and around school...we are already super quick! :)

Arithmetic practise

St Martin's Berlin Wall


This half term our topic is Walls and Barricades.


To launch our topic, we learnt about the Berlin wall. We found out how it separated families and how people used to write messages to each other on the wall. We were inspired to create a positive message board for our classroom; to remind people to stay positive and achieve. To make our wall look interesting and to ensure we caught everyone's attention, we used bright felt tips and large lettering.


Come into our class and let us know what you think of our positive messages.

Positive graffiti messages for our version of the Berlin wall

All about SOLO...


To kick start our year, we spent some time revisiting our SOLO learning system. We looked at what each stage of SOLO was and what actions we would use to show this stage. We thought about some of the activities/tasks that we might complete at each stage and worked hard to make a SOLO word bank.


We are so confident about the stages of our learning now that we talk about it independently at the start of each lesson; feel free to ask any of us about it!