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We are proud to present our new School Council for 2019-20

Pupils from each Key Stage 2 class recently applied for the role of School Councillor and talked to their class about the qualities they would bring to the role and how they would represent the class at school meetings.  Following the recent elections, we are proud to present the new School Council for this year. The photo above shows: Maja, Max, Frankie, Sadie, Luna, Callum, Brooke and Nicky.


It is important for our children to see themselves as Leaders who make a difference to our school and the wider community. Our School Council work as part of a team to help make our school even better. They have been working with Miss Knight, our PSHE lead, to develop and promote activities to achieve the ‘Healthy Schools’ award. They have also been working on our Advent Appeal by organising fundraising events to support the NSPCC.  

‘Sugar Swaps’


Update from Miss Knight – Healthy Schools and School Council Leader


The School Council have been working extremely hard this term to help us achieve the Healthy Schools Award. Over the next year, we are going to continue to work with our children to highlight the benefits of an active lifestyle and support them to make healthy food choices. We recently collected some data on school meals and packed lunches. We presented a PowerPoint to the Governors and to all the classes through an assembly.

Brooke - In our group, we listed some of the foods that we have seen, during our own lunchtimes, in packed lunches in our school.

Frankie - We said that we often saw confectionary items. Do you know what confectionary items are?

Luna - Then we made a list of what we wanted to see so that packed lunch children had a healthy lunch. And so that we could get our HAS!

Oliwier - We knew that we couldn’t just guess what everyone was having for lunch though, so we made our own research sheet.

Callum - During lunchtime, we went into the dinner hall and had a sneak peek into everyone’s lunch.

Sadie – We collected the data and here is what we found.




Sadie - The good news…we found out that the majority of packed lunches were healthy. Just look at the column for fruit and veg!

Max – We looked at 28 different packed lunches in total from Reception class up to year 6.

Brooke – We organised our information into unhealthy and healthy data. These are the results from the healthy data.

Oliwier – In 28 different packed lunches, we found 40 different fruit and vegetable items! This is amazing.

Callum – Also, almost every packed lunch box had a sandwich (with healthy options like ham or cheese) or they pasta or rice.

Frankie – Looking at our chart, you also see that lots of children are bringing in water – which is GREAT!


We will continue to look at Sugar Swaps and will be sharing our new knowledge with parents soon. To find out more about Sugar Swaps, please visit: