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Safer Internet Day!


In year 5, we have been thinking about how to keep ourselves safe online, and still express who we are! We discussed how avatars are used to express our interests, hobbies and hopes for the future, but can also be a useful way of protecting ourselves and our private information.


We designed our own avatar, explaining how it expresses who we are and also keeps us safe!


FitForKids Workshop!

Year 5 enjoyed a visit from FitForKids to spread the message about healthy choices in food and exercise!


We learned how to tell how healthy different foods were by looking at the traffic lights on packaging. We also learned that the daily allowance of sugar for a child in KS2 is 6 sugar cubes (24 grams of sugar)!


Then, we got to try lots of exercises to elevate our heart rate and keep us healthy!


Our New Topic - World War II

All About the Sacrament of Reconciliation


Year 5 worked in pairs to design and create their own powerpoint presentation to show what we have learned about the Sacrament of Reconciliation including the main sections and why this Sacrament is so important to Catholics. Congratulations to Lillie and Erin who worked very well together and produced a beautiful and informative presentation!





Cooking up a storm in Year 5!

During cooking week, Year 5 made some delicious turkey burgers using a selection of fresh ingredients which we prepared ourselves. Fancy giving our fabulous turkey burgers a try? Here is the recipe:


1. Finely chop onion, garlic and courgette

2. Separate turkey mince into bowls and mix with the vegetables

3. Form the turkey mix into patties

4. Kindly ask chef to bake in the oven

5. Serve with half a wholemeal pitta

6. Enjoy!


Can you spot our healthy choices in this recipe?


A Visit to the Science Museum!

Last week, Year 5 enjoyed a successful visit to the Science Museum. We were able to make use of the fantastic interactive resources in the Wonderlab, and took part in a brilliant workshop where we learned about forces, matter and sound.



Some of our favourite parts included sitting on a chair of nails, watching the fascinating properties of rope under pressure, and using a rope and pulley to climb up to the roof of the museum!


New Topic Launch - Out of This World!

To kick start our new topic for Autumn 2, 'Out of This World!', we looked at constellations of stars in our solar system. We made links with previous learning from our Ancient Greece topic as we learned that the names and origins of many constellations come from Ancient Greek myths and their Gods and Godesses.


We made our own constellations using art straws and balls of clay. Some of us were adventurous enough to design and construct a 3D model of our constellations and made structures that stood up on their own!





Hate Crime Workshop


We learnt about the rising problem of hate crimes in the UK. We discussed some of the reasons why people might commit a hate crime, and looked at key words such as prejudice, paranoia and ignorance. We learnt about times in history where people were able to change prejudices through speaking out. Plus, we learnt ways to RESPECT each other.

Class visits to the Chuch

We visited our parish church, St Dominic's Priory, to honour the month of the Rosary (October). Fr Lawrence showed us the chapels in the church that represent the mysteries of the Rosary. We know that there are 4 types of mysteries. Ask us what they are! We also visited the Rosary garden, and were lucky enough to pray a decade of the Rosary with Fr Lawrence. It was a very special opportunity.

GAV - Growing Against Violence


On Friday - we had a special guest into our school to talk to us about Gangs and how to stay safe. As a class, we looked at the difference between our actual friends and people being friendly to us. We learnt about the different techniques an 'elder' might use to try to initiate us into a gang and how to avoid them. It was a really interesting session and we certainly learnt a lot. Some of the most shocking points were about how gangs made their money and how they treated women in gangs. It was scary to think that we could be targeted and so we thought carefully about the people around us that could help us to stay safe.

Ancient vs Modern Greece! We worked in groups to research a different aspect of Greece. We compared Ancient Greece to modern Greece today, and presented our findings back to the class. Each team researched a different topic such as food, religion, education and culture & entertainment.

Our Class Charter!


We discussed how we are going to make St Peter a sucsesful and happy class. We came up with a list of agreements that will allow us to do our best learning, make great learning partnerships, and create a positive classroom. We wrote these up and signed our charter together.


Our Class!

Welcome to our Class Page!


We are St. Peter, and we are ready for an exciting and invigorating year of learning and growing ahead.


Our topic for Autumn 1 is 'Greece Lightning!'. We are looking forward to learning about the Ancient Greeks and their legacy. This will be informing our English work of newspaper reports about the Olympics, and Myths.  In Maths, we are starting with palce value, and will move on to addition and subtraction. In RE, we will be thinking about Creation, our talents, and what God has given us in our unit 'Gifts from God'. In Science, we will be learning about light, and we are excited about the experiments we will be conducting.


Please check our class page for updates, and to see our fabulous work.