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Welcome to our Class Page!


Welcome to St Teresa's class page. We are ready for an invigorating academic year of learning and development. So far, we have got off to a fantastic start as the class have settled in swiftly after the summer holidays.


Our topic for the Autumn term is 'Transport'. We are looking forward to learning about the history of transport and how it has evolved over the years. We will look into the transport required to reach different countries and continents as well as design and create our own futuristic transport.


This will be informing our English work of writing a Road Safety leaflet as well as our chosen class text: The Famous Five Go off to Camp.  In Maths, we are starting with palce value, and will move on to addition and subtraction. In RE, we will be thinking about 'The Bible' and why it is so important to Christians. The children will even have the opportunity to design their own Bible covers. In Science, we will be learning about electricity and how to construct simple circuits. This is an exciting topic which will be investigation and experiment lead.


Please continue to check our class page for future updates and examples of our brilliant work.

Launch Day


To engage the children in our new Topic ‘transport’, we hosted a launch day to immerse the children. The day consisted of a range of exciting activities, such as carrying out outdoor road traffic surveys, designing their own cars, creating transport themed art collages and even having the opportunity to bring in their own transport for the day!


The children thoroughly enjoyed using their own transport and we had everything from roller blades to bikes. It proved to be an incredibly successful launch day for the children.


Our trip to The Science Museum


On Thursday the 5th December, the children visited the London Science Museum. The current topic in Science is Light, however the children had a great opportunity to learn more about this as well as other key areas such as Forces and Electricity. They were able to learn through a vast range of hands on experiments in the Wonderlab. It proved to be a big success with the children, who all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.



Willow Pattern Plates


As part of our Topic of China, the children have been learning all about The Willow Pattern story. They have written their own version of the Chinese fairy-tale in English and have learnt all about the significance of the Willow Pattern plate in Chinese culture. They then designed and made their own Willow Pattern plates based on their own Chinese fairy tales. They look fantastic!



Book Week


As part of celebrating Book Week, St Teresa partnered up with the Year 1 class to do some paired reading. Both classes thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The Year 4 class even introduced Year 1 to some exciting new texts!


Cooking Week


This week was St Dominic’s cooking week at school, therefore the children made some delicious Spring Rolls, in keeping with our new topic of China. The children were taught a range of new and different cooking skills such as how to prepare food and preparation areas hygienically as well as how to avoid cross contamination. They had a fantastic time and found the food absolutely delicious!


The London Transport Museum



On Tuesday the 29th October, St Teresa were lucky enough to go on an exciting school trip to The London Transport Museum. Our Topic had been Transport, therefore this tied in perfectly and gave the children an opportunity to consolidate their learning and see some of the famous transportation in person! They learnt all about the London Bus and the London Tube and how these have both transformed drastically over time. They even had the opportunity to climb aboard and test them for themselves! The children also enjoyed taking part in a stamp hunt around the museum, finding out fun new facts along the way. It was an incredibly successful trip, enjoyed by all the children.



Bible Covers


This term our RE topic is ‘The Bible’, therefore the children have been learning all about The Bible and why it is so important to Christians. We also discussed how special our own Bibles are to us and how traditionally many are passed down through families. Therefore, the children created their own special Bible covers that were personal and sacred to them.


The results were beautiful, with many thoughtful and creative designs.




CLC Trip


Every term the children have a trip to the Camden Learning Centre. This enables the children to cover the ICT curriculum in a creative and engaging way.


St Teresa attended the centre on Wednesday the 9th of October and the focus of the days learning was coding. The children were able to create their own interactive maze game and character from scratch, creating the code independently!


The children found this both incredibly engaging and rewarding, whilst learning a vast range of reusable skills.

Rosary Visits


The children were lucky enough to have a church visit at St Dominic’s Priory where Fr. Lawrence kindly spoke to them about the month of the Rosary (October), and why Christians gather to celebrate it every year. The children learnt a great deal regarding the history of the Rosary as well as the four mysteries and where these were located within the church. St Teresa then took part in the Rosary Prayers: Glory Be, Our Father and Hail Mary.


It was a wonderfully insightful visit and experience for the children.



China Launch Day


Today, the children had a fantastic day immersing themselves in their new Topic of China. The day consisted of a range of activities to both educate and stimulate the children. The day began with watching ‘A day in the life of a Chinese student’ and from this the children were really able to compare and contrast the Chinese school day and culture to their own. The children adopted the routines into their own school day and as a result we had a 10am ‘Wake and Shake’ exercise class with Year 3 in the hall to traditional Chinese music, which the children really enjoyed! Then, the children were introduced to Chinese numbers and learnt how to say them. St Teresa also learnt all about Chinese calligraphy and the Chinese alphabet and created their names, producing some fantastic pieces of work. In the afternoon the children designed and made their own Chinese fans, creating all different designs based on China. The results were beautiful.




Creating our Chinese Guardians


In English we have been looking at Chinese Guardians. The children had brainstormed their own Chinese Guardian and then had the opportunity to make their Guardian come alive through drawing and painting it. This was to help the children be creative in their writing by visualising and creating their own character and bringing it to life. This would give the children a focus and purpose for their explanation texts.





Parliament Hill



St Teresa were lucky enough to attend a Dance Workshop at Parliament Hill school on Thursday 30th January. The kids absolutely loved learning new routines as well as being lucky enough to watch the Dance students' performances.


Health Visitor


As part of being a healthy school we were lucky enough to have a visit from a lady who told us how to ensure we stay fit and healthy. We learnt all about different food groups, the traffic light system on food packaging and how much sugar we should each be consuming. The kids loved getting active and involved in the exercise class and circuits!





Exploring Area


In today’s maths lesson the children learnt about area and what this meant in every day life. They learnt and understood that it is the surface area of a shape. They then used this knowledge to investigate the area of many different classroom objects using post-it notes. They used their post-it notes to accurately measure classroom objects to identify how many squares fit on the surface and thereby, what the area was. The children enjoyed the investigation!


Oracle Bones


During our topic of China the children have learnt a great deal about Ancient Artefacts from the Shang Dynasty. The children learnt all about Oracle Bones and how they were used by Kings to ask the Gods different questions. The children created their own Oracle Bones out of clay and even carved their own questions into them, written in old Chinese scripture.


Creating a Roman Setting


As part of our Topic and English build up, we have been considering Roman settings and linking this to our knowledge of different Roman buildings. We discussed different settings and then chose our setting for our own myths. Then we painted them to help us visualise them for our writing to us them as a stimulus.

World Book Day!


Today was world book day and the children came in dressed as their favourite characters as did the teachers! There were so many fantastic costumes and the children loved pretending to be their favourite characters and sharing their stories with the class. We played book bingo, listened to stories, had assembly to see the whole school's costumes and even went and did some shared reading with Year 1. It was an incredibly successful day that continued to promote the children's love of reading!