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We had a great time on World Book Day sharing stories with our Year 6 friends.


World Book Day

Sorting 3D Shapes by their properties

We have been learning about Everyday Materials in Science this term. As part of our topic work about The Great Fire of London, we explored the materials the houses were made from. We thought about why they weren't very useful and how they could improve the structures. We designed our own houses and used tooth picks and marshmallows to create the structures. Great work St John!




Keeping Fit and Healthy!


Today we were very lucky to have a 'Fit for Kids' assembly. 


We learned all about the different food groups and how we can keep our bodies healthy and strong by making sensible choices about the foods we eat. We talked about the labels on food packaging and how the traffic lights tell us what the food contains. We now know that the more green traffic lights we see on the packaging, the better. We got to put our knew knowledge to the test by exploring different foods and their contents.


We also know that to keep our bodies fit and healthy we have to be active too! We had lots of fun doing exercises to get our bodies active. We started with some funny warm up games and then really put our bodies to the test by taking part in a circuit of different exercises including: squats, lunges and even squat thrusts!



A visit from London Fire Brigade


This week we were very lucky to be joined by a member of the London Fire Brigade. She taught us all about how the Fire Brigade can help to keep us safe, their roles and the different equipment we use.



We also got to test out and listen to a smoke alarm. We found out how we can act safely in an emergency at home and exactly what we should do to keep ourselves safe. The staff we very impressed with all the children's contributions and questions throughout our session and we certainly all learnt lots.


Well done St John!

A big Merry Christmas from St John Class. We hope you have a wonderful, restful and joyful Christmas!


The Very Grumpy Sheep


The Key Stage 1 staff are so proud of all the children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 who helped to make our Nativity amazing. It is safe to say that the Grumpy Sheep wasn't the only one smiling at the end of our Nativity. Well done to the children for all your hard work and thank you to all the parents and carers for all the help you have put in to supporting our Nativity preparations and success.


Making Samosas


We have been learning all about India this term. As part of our topic work and during cooking week, St John made samosas. We were able to carefully read and follow the instructions. We were able to practise skills such as: peeling and chopping vegetables. We also made sure that we were hygienic and safe throughout our session. The teachers were very impressed with the job the children did and the children certainly enjoyed sampling the finished products! Delicious! 


Habitat Hunt

Our Science topic this term is 'Animals and Living Things'. We have been enjoying heading outside to explore our local environment and find different habitats and living things that we share our wonderful outdoor space with.

Pattan's Pumpkin

Our key text this week is Pattan's Pumpkin. We have been exploring the characters and setting. We have used the story to make inferences. We wrote diary entries in the role of the main characters to describe the disastrous flood.

Diwali Day

To launch our topic, India, St John celebrated Diwali. We learnt all about the meaning of Diwali and the story of Rama and Sita. We explored how Diwali is celebrated in India today and compared this with some celebrations that we have. We also created our very own rangoli patterns and made little Diva Lamps using clay. We had so much fun learning all about the Festival of Light and are so excited to learn more as we continue with our topic.

This week St John had some exciting news. When we returned to our classroom after baking our gingerbread men, some of them had escaped across our classroom. We used the footage to adapt and write our own versions of the traditional tale.