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World Book Day


On Thursday, year 6 celebrated world book day. We got to share all of our amazing and creative costumes. We are very proud of the effort that every child made. This year, we decided to do some fun world book day activities too  such as: creating our very own book covers, reading with other classes, and we got to talk about our favourite books throughout the day.

To start the day, in the morning we had a school assembly and announced the winners of the best handmade costumes in each class. The winners in our class were Magdalena and Oliwier; their costumes were very creative as Magdalena came as stick man. Oliwier came as Olivier Twist! In the afternoon, we got to go down to Year 2 and Reception. We had the opportunity to read to the children and talk about their favourite books; we had so much fun on world book day.

Written by Maria.R and Olivia.

Visit with Father Nicolas

FitForKids - Sugar Swaps


Giada - " During our session with Lucy, we learnt many interesting things about sugar swaps and staying healthy; like how one cube of sugar is equal to 4 grams! Children are only allowed 6 cubes a day which means a can of coca cola is equal to 2 whole days!"


Ava - " Lucy, who ran the sugar swap work shop, said to always look at the traffic lights on our food which tell us the amount of fat, saturates, sugar, salt and energy/calories in our foods. If it is red, it mean that there is a lot of it- meaning it is unhealthy, green meaning little to none (healthy) and orange in the middle."


Visit from Ben - Athletes in school


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Dancing in action

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Parliament Hill Dance Session

Parliament Hill Dance Trip


Last week, we visited Parliament Hill Secondary school to help the girls achieve their Dance Leadership sporting award. We were really lucky to work with such a talented group of girls who inspired and surprised us with their dancing. All of us got stuck in and we were even able to try out two different dances.


The end was the best though, as we got to watch two different groups perform their GCSE piece. It was INCREDIBLE. :) We can't wait to go back again next year.

South Hampstead Synagogue


We visited the South Hampstead Synagogue to learn more about WW2 and the Holocaust. Over the morning, we worked in small groups, looking at real artefacts and piecing together the events that led to the Anti-Semitic war in Germany.


After our guided session, we were able to go and visit the Synagogue and we met Rabbi Eli. He was very energetic and inspired us to think about how our religions are similar. He encouraged us to be kind, respectful and thoughtful when considering other religions and humans - linking back to the previous work on the Holocaust.


Overall, it was an amazing trip and we really enjoyed it. We would love to go back more to explore in the future.


The Lost Son


This week in R.E. we have been studying the parable of the Lost Son. We acted out the part of the parable that we thought was the most important and then discussed the reasons for our choices.


Once we had finished, we thought about the important message behind the parable - focusing on how the Son turns away from sin and back to God. We discussed how happy God is when we turn back to him and how he will always forgive us. Then, as a class, we thought about times we might have turned from God and how we can or have turned back to God, following in his light.


The Lost Son Retold by yr6



To launch our new topic of World War 2, we took on the role of children in 1940, living and learning within London. As a class, we went about our daily routines (normal lessons) and when we heard the air raid siren, we swiftly moved into a safe position. This meant that we had to crouch underneath our desks, with our hands around our heads and remain still and silent, until the all clear siren sounded. During this time, we had to turn off the lights too so that the enemy did not know where to drop the bombs.


When we had finished our real life experience, we discussed how we felt before, during and after the sirens.

Air Raids in Yr6

Book Week


Last week we celebrated Book Week in our school by wearing PJ's to school on Monday! Some of our choices were really funny and even the teachers got dressed into their PJ's.


Over the week, we completed an author study as a class and were even able to read some of the books by the author we studied. Also, we got to read to Reception class and year 2! They were so sweet and we really enjoyed being able to put on different voices and pretending to be some of the characters in the books we were reading.


We made some funky posters too - promoting reading as it's certainly one of our class passions - sometimes we have to drag Miss Knight out of her book!


Ask us class to find out what we have been reading.


By Teddy, James and Mikel

Science Museum Trip


Last week, we went to the Science Museum for our termly class trip. When we were there - we saw the Space exhibition first and looked at a real life Lunar Module. As a class, we had a photo taken in front of it and then we went to see how machines had developed since the Apollo 13 original mission.


Later in the day, we went into Wonderlab. This was the BEST part. We got to have a go on different equipment and use some slides to test Friction (they were made out of different materials). Also, we saw an awesome show and the woman blew up some materials right in front of us. It was scary, loud and really really really good fun.


We would love to go back again soon,


Our new football team

Wonderful Day Cooking

Yesterday we made Turkey burgers in our class.


We used lots of different ingredients like: garlic, onions, courgette, turkey mince and a spice called Harissa!


Before we could begin, we had to clean the tables and then wash our hands, so that we didn't spread germs. Next, we chopped our vegetables (onions, garlic, courgette) and put it into our group bowl. Then we mixed in the mince meat and made small balls.


They burgers went down to Dan so that they could be cooked.


Later in the afternoon, we put them into pitta bread and ate them; they were delicious.


Our favourite part was when we got to cut the vegetables as everyone started to cry from the onions!


By Lily and Kaydi.



To launch our new topic - Out Of This World - we created our own constellations based on animals that we felt represented us as individuals and learners. It was a fun session and a very different way to launch our topic.

Hate Crime Workshop

The Just Enough Group

As part of our ongoing work in PSHE, St Martin's class hate a brilliant workshop on Hate Crime delivered by a charity called Just Enough Group.


In the session, everyone learnt:

-what hate really means

- the groups of people that can be effected

- the ways that hate crimes are committed

- how to help stop hate crime


It was a really powerful and insightful session, one that certainly got everyone thinking...

British Museum Trip


This trip was one of the strangest trips we have ever been on and as a class we will not forget it!


Right from the start, there were lots of problems (rain, bus delays, bus cancellations) yet we were determined to get to the Museum, so after an hour's wait...we finally squeezed onto a bus. We thought we would ride smoothly there but then the tire on the bus burst! It was like being a movie. So after lots of pleading, the lovely staff at TFL let us on the tube and we finally arrived at the museum.


When we got there, the museum was packed full! We managed to squeeze through the gaps and the tourists to find the Ancient Greek area - which was actually really cool. We saw some real life Greek pots - one even showed us the picture of Hercules defeating Hydra - which we had studied - so we were really impressed. After the pots, we went onto visit the Ancient Greek walls and temple area. There were some HUGE statues!


After we'd seen all of the key exhibits we had lunch and then had to head back.


It was such a good trip and we will have to go back another time.


By Megan S + Alicia

Year 6 at the CLC

CLC trip

During our trip to the CLC we had a brilliant session creating our own virtual worlds. Within each world, we were able to add opening and closing doors, cages and even windows! Some of us chose to add some other unique features to our world/game such as exploding items or puzzles that you had to solve before you could move onto the next stage. We used a program called Mission Maker and we really did create some awesome missions.

The highlight of the whole trip was at the end though when we got to play each others games and step into the different worlds.


By Joshua

Using Formal and Informal Language


This week, we practised our use of formal and informal language by interviewing different Greek characters from the myths we have been studying. In groups of three, we worked together, taking on different roles, so that we could practice using both formal and informal language. Lots of us realised in this lesson that MOST of the words we use each day are actually slang and informal. We rarely use formal language in our every day lives and so at first, we found it really tricky to take on the more formal roles as the interviewer or character because using formal language in context is not easy. ​However, after some shared learning and shared language banks, we were able to produce some comical and accurate shows using both types of language; some of us were even able to use colloquial language for effect too. 


See if you can test us today - ask us about our knowledge of formal language. 

Using formal and informal language

GAV - Growing Against Violence


On Friday - we had a special guest into our school to talk to us about Gangs and how to stay safe. As a class, we looked at the difference between our actual friends and people being friendly to us. We learnt about the different techniques an 'elder' might use to try to initiate us into a gang and how to avoid them. It was a really interesting session and we certainly learnt a lot. Some of the most shocking points were about how gangs made their money and how they treated women in gangs. It was scary to think that we could be targeted and so we thought carefully about the people around us that could help us to stay safe.


Here is what some of us had to say,

"I was impressed by all of the information we learnt like how many gangs were around us and what a gang member might look like. I learnt about grooming too - that was really surprising - I didn't know that people being nice to you could end up with you being in trouble." Millie


"I really liked the session because it was really useful. I learnt about how to avoid being in a gang and I learnt about why I don't want to be in one." Sammy



GAV - Growing Against Violence

Pandora's box - St Martin's version

The Ancient Greek Olympics

The Learning Pit


At St Dominic's we have some great strategies to help us get through tricky problems and questions in each and every lesson. One of the ways we can help ourselves is by thinking of the learning pit.


Here is how we use it:


1. First of all, you're giving a problem by your teacher and you see yourself standing on the edge of the pit.


2. You read the problem and slide down into the pit as you just don't know what to do.


3. Sometimes you sit at the bottom of the pit for a minute or two. That's ok - sometimes you just need to take a moment to realise that it's tricky. But then...


4. You start to use the strategies that you know that could help you - like looking through your book for your previous learning, or working with a partner, or trying to break the problem into different steps.


5. Before you know what's happening, you're climbing out of the pit and getting closer to the top.


6. The last part - when you're free of the pit - is when you've done it - you've solved the problem.



The Learning Pit

Welcome to Year 6 2019-2020


This is going to be the best year yet for all of us in St Martin's class, as we've got lots of exciting projects, topics and trips booked in already. We've hit the ground running too as we've started our new topic of Greece Lightning.


Stay tuned to find out more about what we are up to...