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Reception's Super Writing!

Reception are currently absolutely loving our current 'Superheroes' theme. We have been super busy looking at different superheroes, discussing their powers and costumes and making our own! We have been practicing our segmenting and blending skills by reading superhero sentences and matching them to superheroes to set them free using locks and keys to develop our fine motor skills. In addition, we have been reading the story 'Supertato', weighing superveggies and setting traps for the Evil Pea as he has been playing tricks in our classroom!
Reception absolutely loved celebrating World Book Day this week! We discussed how World Book Day is an event to celebrate all the authors and illustrations who create the amazing books we explore and to celebrate us as readers! We took turns to discuss which characters we characters we dressed up as and why we love the stories they feature in. We also enjoyed engaging in some book focus activities such as book bingo, freeing the vegetables from the Evil Pea's locks by matching sentences, playing a book quiz and also sharing our favourite stories with Year 6 children who kindly visited us in the afternoon!  
In Reception, we have been having lots of counting fun as we celebrated pancake day! We enjoyed preparing our pancake day treat by chopping berries and counting them on to the plate and we also enjoyed making our own pancakes by following a recipe! We spoke about the importance of washing our hands and tools before cooking activities and practised how to use tools safely when chopping and cutting.

Reception have been super busy getting the classroom looking festive and sparkly! The children have adored creating their own baubles for our class christmas tree using mixed materials and various tools independently. They are also becoming interested in developing their junk modelling skills through the introduction of our junk modelling inspired christmas tree! Thank you to all the parents for your kind donations! We have been busy learning about advent and its meaning and decided to create our own class advent calendar with each day revealing a christmassy image drawn by the children! We have also learnt about the Christmas story and the children have really enjoyed finding out about what Christmas means to Catholics and the reasons why we celebrate it. St. Joseph class have been super inspired to write their own christmas lists using thier phonics sounds and number sequence knowledge. Here are a variety of the christmas activities the children have been engaging in this week for the lead up to Christmas!

Reception are really enjoying celebrating 'Reading Week' as they started off the week coming into school in their pyjamas in recognition of the importance of bedtime stories! We have been so busy creating buntings of our favourite stories and creating our own stories through role-play and creating mini books! We have been writing captions and short sentences to retell our stories and have enjoyed sharing our favourite stories with our friends in the reading corner and of course, reading to our class bears Benji and Bobby! Here are some photos of the activities and play they have been involved in.   

Due to our new half term focus being 'Celebrations', reception decided to explore the celebration of halloween through learning about why and how do people celebrate this annual event. We were very busy using our maths skills through creating potions in the water area and counting spooky items! We also enjoyed interacting with activities based on the story 'Room on the Broom' which allowed us to learn about words which rhyme. Additionally, we loved making pumpkin soup as a class and learnt about following recipes and instructions and how important it is to follow steps to achieve a delicious dish! The children enjoyed deseeding the pumpkins and chopping the onions before being blended and served! 

Reception celebrated 'Remembrance Day' by having a circle time focus on why people wear poppies and what the poppy symbolises. We also shared stories about special people who may not be with us anymore and how we can remember them through the special moments and memories we shared with them. Children then participated in some poppy art crafts through potato printing and paint.

Thank you to all the family members who have been involved in our 'Stay and Play' sessions! All family members are welcome to come and join the reception class on Friday mornings from 8:40 until 9:20. It is a really lovely opportunity to engage with what the children are currently learning about within that week and to be able to interact with the children through the different activities!

In Reception, we have been so busy learning our rules and routines; discovering and exploring our learning environment and building relationships with new friends and teachers! Here are some photos of the the class engaging in child-initiated activities and taking ownership of their learning! Well Done St Joseph's Class on such an amazing beginning to an exciting year!

Pirate Theme Treasure Hunt - Giving meaning to the marks we make by ticking off all the pirate objects we spotted in the playground!

Some of the children in Reception were showing a real interest in dinosaurs, and so were interacting with the dinosaurs in the small world area. As part of our planning in the moment, we created dinosaur fossils by printing toy dinosaurs into salt dough and then they were put in the oven to bake. When they were finally ready - we painted them and placed them into the sand area for role-play as paleontologists discovering dinosaur fossils!