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Fit For Kids

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On Thursday a lady came in from 'Fit For Kids' we learnt about healthy eating and not eating too much sugar. We were surprised to learn the amount of sugar that is in each food! We did some circuit exercises to help us stay fit and strong, we had lots of fun doing this.

Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales  1
Fairy Tales  2
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We have been learning about fairy tales. We have been learning how to sequence a story and write a description about a character and even acted these out. We even made yummy gingerbread men to eat!

Maths - Number Bonds to 10

Maths - Number Bonds to 10 1
Maths - Number Bonds to 10 2
Maths - Number Bonds to 10 3
Maths - Number Bonds to 10 4
Maths - Number Bonds to 10 5
We have been learning about making number combinations to 10  and beyond. We have used numeri cons, bar models, cubes and lego to show our understanding. We had a lot of fun in Maths using these materials!

Science - Making kites

Science - Making kites  1
Science - Making kites  2
We have been learning about the different types of weather in Science we had fun making our own kites and testing these in the playground.

Father Lawrence

Father Lawrence 1
Father Lawrence 2
Father Lawrence came into our classroom we learnt about the Rosary and even attended our first mass. We worked hard learning our prayers and hymns.