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Santa's Workshop


Reception have been busy working together to create their own Christmas Role Play Area. The children helped to create a chimney and decorated it with the stockings, presents and candy canes that they made. Reception have also been using their fine motor skills to create lots of paper chains to decorate the workshop too. We then put it to use using our imaginations to role play Santa and his elves busy at work in his workshop. The children have really enjoyed taking on these roles and have built lots of toys to deliver to the boys and girls on their lists.




Joseph the Elf Arrives!


This week Reception received a surprise delivery. We were so excited to read the letter that came along with it and the children used the clues in the letter to work out that it was a present from Father Christmas! The children used their ideas to make suggestions about what they thought was inside and then we discovered that is was our very own Elf on the Shelf! We all thought of names that we could give him and voted for the one we liked the best. The result was unanimous and we agreed on Joseph. Joseph has been up to all sorts of antics this week. On Tuesday, he delivered a Christmas tree which the children loved decorating, he has also been playing with our toys and even reading Christmas stories to them. We can't wait to see what else Joseph gets up to in the run up to Christmas.





This week Reception have been learning about Advent. We have learnt that the colour of Advent is purple. We know that purple means preparing because we are busy preparing for Jesus’ birth. We have talked about the ways that we can prepare. We learnt about the Advent Wreath and how it tells us how long it is until Christmas. We made our own Advent Wreaths.


How to Catch a Star


This week when Reception arrived at school, they noticed a star sparkling high up near the ceiling. We decided that we should try to catch the star just like the little boy had in our key text “How to Catch a Star” by Oliver Jeffers. We thought of different ways that we could catch the star. We made plans and used a variety of construction and creative materials to create rockets, trampolines, ladders and even extendable arms but we still couldn’t reach! We thought about who could help us catch the star and decided to write letters to Les to ask if we could borrow his ladder and finally… WE CAUGHT THE STAR!!



Remembrance Day


This week we discussed Remembrance Day. The children talked about why it is important to remember those who have given their lives in wars. They learnt that the poppy is a symbol of Remembrance Day. The children painted their own poppies.





Bonfire Night


This week we explored Bonfire Night. Reception had fun with lots of activities relating to bonfire night. We made our own name rockets, we made marks in 'firework dust' and we practised using our fine motor skills to create our own fireworks. We were all so excited to share our experience of Bonfire Night and used our senses to describe the different things that we saw, heard and smelt. Lots of us wanted to create some artwork to show what we had seen. We used chalk on black paper to draw the beautiful, bright fireworks in the sky. 



The Owl Babies


This week we had a very exciting surprise in Reception. When we got to school, we received a phone call to say that something peculiar had been found in our outdoor area. We quickly set off to find out what it was and discovered an empty nest. The next day, after leaving notes, letters and even cameras that we made to capture the owner of the nest, we received a reply to say that it was the owl babies and they needed help to find their mummy. All week, Reception were busy making maps, lost posters, 'owl food' and nests to help reunite the owl family and on Friday we were so happy to find them all back together safely!




All About Me


We have had a great time getting to know one another. We have been talking about our homes, families and things we enjoy doing. We know that each of us is special in our own ways. We used mirrors to explore our appearances and then created self portraits. We also used different materials to make collages of our faces.



The Colour Monster


Our key text has been 'The Colour Monster' by Anna Llenas. We have explored the different feelings from the story and talked about different times when we have experienced these emotions. We put these different things into each of the jars just like the monster in the book. We all worked together to collage our very own colour monster. 



Welcome to St Joseph's Class Page


We have had a wonderful few weeks welcoming the new children, making new friends and getting to know each other. Here is a little look of their classroom. We have really enjoyed exploring all of the resources and toys that we have.