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We have been learning more about the special jobs that Mary and Joseph were given by God.

We listed the qualities that nurses, police officers and fire fighters needed such as: helpful, kind, caring, focussed, friendly, honest, brave. We then decided which qualities Mary and Joseph would need in order to be chosen to be Jesus' caregivers.



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In RE, we learnt about how Joseph received the news that Mary was going to be blessed with God's child. We thought about how he would feel,  how the angel appeared to him in his dream, and wrote a letter to Mary to show how Joseph would understand that he had been given a special job.

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In Science this week we have been investigating which materials are the most absorbent.

We decided how to carry out the tests and record our results before we carried out the investigation.

Have a look around your home for any materials that you think would be absorbent!


In Geography, we used atlases to find the countries that make up the UK and locate their capital cities.




In English, we are writing a letter from Anna Hibiscus' point of view as we are learning about what it is like in Africa- amazing Africa! We have read Anna Hibiscus Song' and Splash! Please feel free to read/watch more of her stories.



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Well done to all the children of St John Class- you've worked very hard this half term and deserve a restful break!

This week, we learnt about Joseph and his Colourful Cloak. We made notes as we listened to the story to help us remember key parts. In Art, we traced the outline of Joseph and designed his colourful cloak.


Google Classroom username and passwords will be distributed when we return to school.


Thank you for a superb start to Year 2 and I hope you have a lovely break!



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We have been reading 'Rocket Says, Look Up!' for the past two weeks and have written some brilliant diary entries. Rocket is a young girl who always has her head in the clouds, dreaming of what it is like in space. She has a thirst for knowledge and a huge interest in meteor showers; so much so that she even wants one named after her one day! 

Mae Jemison, the first African-American female to travel into space, is Rocket's inspiration. We decided to create a piece of artwork to recognise Mae Jemison's accomplishments.

Next week, we are going to read about another adventure of Rocket's. The book is called Clean Up! We had to be great detectives and predict what the story would be about with just a few clues.


Please check out our artwork below! yes



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This week in English we have been finishing our Health and Well-Being leaflets and created our own logos for our campaign. We designed them and then drew them digitally on the ipads. 


Outside, we noticed that there were a large number of beautiful, shiny beetles. Some children decided to make a bug hotel for them with leaves and bark. We identified them as Rosemary Beetles and that explains why they are always found by the huge rosemary bush in the playground! We can't wait to see if our bug hotel attracts more of them!


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We have had a great start to this academic year and it has been lovely getting to know each other.


In PHSE, we read a Japanese tale about the power of giving and the story began with a dragonfly being gifted to a young boy. We decorated our own dragonflies and decided to display them. It not only symbolises an act of kindness, but also reminds us of how unique we are. 

Our Maths and English working walls are updated weekly to help us with our current learning.

In RE, we thanked God for our special gifts and have learnt about how Abraham listened to God and was blessed with a child, Isaac. We hope you like our classroom and continue to check our page to see what we've been doing!


Here are some pictures of our class displays.