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We have started our new Art topic this week. During this term, we will be refining our skills of 'collaging' and are using the artist- Romare Bearden as our inspiration.

In this lesson, the children evaluated and analysed some of his work. We discussed how his use of colours created a mood for his art work.

Mia said that: "His use of light shades of green and blue reminds me of nature and makes me feel happy and calm." Whilst Ashani commented that: "This collage is very chaotic, it makes me think that maybe they are at a party." 

Over the last two weeks, year 4 have been reading 'Arthur and The Golden Rope' written by Joe Todd Stanton. They have worked incredibly hard and were keen to share their writing process with you. They have used speech, subordinate clauses and exciting vocabulary to make their newspaper reports interesting and engaging.

This week, year 4 have been writing persuasively. They have used various pursuasive techniques in their writing such as triple, rehetoical questions and emotive language. Some children even managed to successfully persuade me to give them a chocolate bar!!

Welcome back and welcome to year 4.


Year 4 have made a brilliant start to the school year, despite the changes and new rules. 


They have been working incredibly hard and have produced some great work, which has started to fill our walls.

Keep your eyes peeled for more.


Stay safe,

Year 4. 




Our classroom.