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Fantastic home learning by Qwenaelle

An example of some excellent home learning work - By Harry

Thank you!

A Big Thank You!


Thank you to everyone in year 6 that was able to donate to our Camden Food bank this year. Our box was over-flowing and it will certainly help to support lots of local families and those that are in need in Camden this Christmas. Thank you once again, your generosity is greatly appreciated. smiley


Christmas Jumper Day

Advent preparations

On-going work

Dear diary...



Over the last two weeks, we have been writing dairies from different character perspectives. To do this, we had to get deeper into the minds of each person in our main text - Holes.


Some of the children choose to write their diary as Stanley and thought about how he is finding life digging relentless holes. Other children choose to write as both Stanley and the Warden - showing the contrast between the two characters. All of the children had to use their knowledge of the book, the different characters and try to include powerful descriptive sentences. It was not easy but the children have written some great dairies.


Keep an eye out for some examples of our writing in the next few days! smiley

Help us to help others - Our Food Bank challenge

Holes by Louis Sachar

North America


This half term we are starting a new geography topic all about North America.


To help us dive into our new topic, we are reading the book Holes by Louis Sachar. Over the term, we are going to use this book to inspire us with our writing and later in the half term we will be writing our own stories.


Keep checking our class page to see our weekly updates on our topic.

Self Portraits

Our Healthy Eating Survey


In class, we conducted a survey to find out what healthy and unhealthy foods we were eating. Then, we learnt how to use Microsoft Excel. We entered the data we had collected into Excel and presented it in different forms. Above is a small sample of the some of the bar/line graphs that we were able to create.

Homework wk4

The journey to our final portraits

The stages:

Firstly, we folded our paper into 6 and then tried to make different patterns and lines. We had to make some thicker and some lighter/darker. It was easier to use the smaller brushes and control them - the big brushes just spread the paint.



To practice during our portrait, we learnt about our face. It was interesting because I found out that our eyes are in the middle of our face. Once we had spilt our face into four sections, it was easy then to add on our eyes, nose and lips. I was really proud of my nose as I have never known how to draw one before.



We wanted to make our pictures look like a Matisse painting, so we posed in 3 ways facing one part of our body away from the camera. Then we got to choose our favourite. I chose mine as I thought it might be easier to draw my face from the side; I thought having my arms out too would help.



Let's get active campaign

Lets Get Active


This half term we are thinking about how to help our minds and bodies. Being active is one of best things we can do. It helps us to build muscles, makes our heart stronger and it can help boost our mental well-being. When we are active, we feel happier and this means we have better days!


As a class, we looked at some of the different ways we could be active in our daily lives. yes


Homework wk3

Our classroom

Welcome back

Hi there,


We just wanted to say a big hello from inside of our busy and bright year 6 class.


This year things are a bit different, but we are confidently rising to the challenge of the work being set and we are already showing incredible potential. Some of our maths and art skills are really impressing Miss Knight too.


We have started to fill our walls with some of our work and have settled back into school life easily.


Here are some pictures from inside our room! Make sure you ask us to find out more about what we have been up to.


Take care,

Year 6