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"St Dominic's helps me to be the very best I can be as a child of God."

Our Learning Values:

Focused Confident Ambitious Flexible Brave Creative Resilient Spiritual


World Book Day


Today we celebrated World Book day by coming to school dressed as our favourite book characters. Everyone had a wonderful day and enjoyed lots of reading themed activities including drawing the front covers of our favourite books and talking about them. The theme of World Book Day this year is ‘You are a Reader’. As a class we talked about how we are readers, our favourite authors and why reading is so important. We also showcased our impressive costumes and discussed the characters we were dressed as. Our world book day winners, Miguel and Caitlin, who were dressed as Paddington and Cruella de Vil both received a Golden Ticket to redeem against a book of their choice. In the afternoon, we were so excited to welcome our secret teacher, Miss McKay from Year 1, into our classroom to share a story with us. Finally, we had the chance to join with the children from Year 3 and paired up to enjoy books together.


Thank you to all parents and carers for your support and effort with the fantastic costumes that were on display today. We are so glad that everyone had such a great day, keep reading!

Pancake Day


Today in St Joseph's Class we had pancakes! Before we could make them we had to write a shopping list so the adults knew what to get from the shops, we also watched a video of other children making pancakes so we had an idea of how to make them. We talked about washing our hands before touching food and how to use a knife safely while cutting the toppings as well as how fruit is very good for our bodies. First, we tried a little pancake to see if we liked then, everyone in St Joseph's Class really enjoyed them so everyone asked for a big one! The children choose the toppings they wanted to enjoy and we all sat and ate them together. 

Children’s Mental Health Week


This week we celebrated Children’s Mental Health Week. The theme of this year's Children’s Mental Health Week is Growing TogetherGrowing Together is about growing emotionally and finding ways to help each other grow. Challenges and setbacks can help us to grow and adapt and trying new things can help us to move beyond our comfort zone.


EYFS listened to the story 'When sadness comes' and spoke about the people who can help them and lift them up when they are sad. They also talked about different things they could do to help themselves to feel a little happier. The children created ‘Support Balloons’ to show the people who lift them up and how they join together to form our support network. 


On Friday, we had a well-being afternoon. EYFS relaxed on the carpet while they listened to calming music. 


Well done to EYFS on their fantastic Nativity. You all worked so hard to learn your actions and songs to tell us the special story of Jesus' birth. You are amazing! You can watch the EYFS Nativity on your child's Google Classroom Page.

Christmas Dinner

EYFS children really enjoyed their school Christmas Lunch this week. They pulled crackers, shared jokes and listened to lots of festive music. It was so lovely to see such big smiles on everyone's faces. Thank you very much to Dan and Maria for cooking such a delicious meal. 

A Visit From Santa


EYFS were so excited to see Santa this week. He even gave us an early Christmas present. Thank you Father Christmas.