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British Values

St.Dominic's Statement on British Values


As a Faith school, St Dominic’s school ethos is underpinned by the Gospel values. These values inform our practice and provision at every level of school life and enable us to promote the development of every child’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.


St Dominic’s is committed to serving its local multi-cultural, and multi-faith community.
The school’s policies provide equal opportunities and access for all individuals or groups regardless of faith, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, political or socio –economic background.

We believe that these values enable us to promote the key “British values,” defined by the government as:


  • Democracy.
  • The rule of law.
  • Individual liberty.
  • Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.


The Promotion of British Values at St Dominic’s School


Through its day to day practice the school

· Teaches children to understand British Values

· Gives children opportunities to apply these values within school

· Actively challenges opinions or behaviours which are contrary to the promotion of British values within school.


Below are some of the areas of the curriculum and school life where British values are discussed and promoted:


· The Curriculum

The PHSE curriculum ensures that British Values are progressively taught at an age appropriate level throughout the school. In addition to this the children are taught about key safeguarding issues both through the PHSE and ICT curriculum and also through the school’s annual cycle of Safeguarding Workshops covering topics such as crime and gangs  in the local community and internet safety.


· Religious Education

The RE curriculum ensures that the school teaches and promotes respect and tolerance for all. It also develops the children’s understanding of other faiths and belief systems.


· Physical Education

The PE curriculum promotes of the concept of ‘fair play’, (celebrating and rewarding success and being magnanimous in defeat) both within school-based lessons and local competitions. PE provides children with opportunities to follow and develop rules, become co-operative and learn the strategies to work together effectively as part of a team.



· Whole school daily acts of collective worship/assembly

Various topics are covered in this core aspect of school life. Collective acts of worship and assemblies promote a deeper understanding of the Gospel values. They encourage children to discuss and reflect upon their own experiences and how they can apply Jesus’ teachings in their own lives. Assemblies also take place to celebrating various Religious and Cultural events which are celebrated nationally and in the local community. They are also a good opportunity to ensure that children understand safeguarding issues.


· School council

The school council promotes children’s understanding of the democratic process, it works on the basis of democratically elected council members who represent the views of the pupil community. The council promotes free speech and uses democracy to influence decision making. Children are routinely involved in consultation about key school policy documents eg behaviour Policy. The school council gives the children a voice which is listened to by school leaders.


The school actively monitors any behaviour which undermines the promotion of British Values. It records and responds to incidents of any prejudicial behaviour within school. If at any stage you have concerns about how the school is meeting this requirement, you should contact the school office and request an appointment with the Head teacher. More importantly, if you feel that anyone working at the school is, intentionally or otherwise undermining these values, please share your concerns with the Head teacher.