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Designated Safeguarding Lead

​​​​​Role of the Designated Safeguarding Lead


The role of the designated safeguarding lead and their deputy is to take lead responsibility for safeguarding and child protection within the school/college and to be available during school hours for staff to discuss safeguarding concerns.

The designated safeguarding lead (and their deputy) will:


  • liaise with and manage referrals to relevant agencies such as CSSW, the LADO, the Channel Panel, the Police and the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS);


  • keep the head teacher/principal and the board of governors informed of on-going safeguarding and child protection issues and enquiries;


  • provide advice and guidance for staff on safeguarding and child protection issues and making referrals;


  • ensure the school’s safeguarding and child protection policies are up to date and consistent with Camden’s Safeguarding Children Board policies and that policies are reviewed annually;


  • ensure all staff, including temporary staff, are aware of and understand policies and procedures and are able to implement them;


  • attend regular training and the designated teachers meetings hosted by Camden in order to keep up to date with new policy, emerging issues and local safeguarding and child protection procedures and working practices;


  • provide regular updates received from Camden to all staff members and governors on any changes in safeguarding or child protection legislation (updated information will be provided by Camden at the designated teachers meeting and designated safeguarding leads will be responsible for communicating this information to staff immediately; they may decide to hold workshops or discuss in staff meetings);


  • have an awareness of those children who may be in need, young carers and children who have special educational needs;


  • oversee child protection systems within the school/college, including the management of records, standards of recording concerns and referral processes;


  • provide a link between the school/college and other agencies, particularly CSSW and the Camden Safeguarding Children Board;


  • ensure staff , including temporary staff, receive appropriate safeguarding and child protection training every 2 years;


  • ensure parents are fully aware of the school/college policies and procedures and that they are kept informed and involved;


  • ensure relevant records are passed on appropriately when children transfer to other schools.