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"Bee" Your Best!

On Monday we had a fantastic day dressing up as bees to promote our 7 learning values to help us to 'Bee' the best we can be. This follows on from when our very special visitor, Jo Mersh, came to our school to tell us all about her dreams and how she achieved them in becoming an Olympic athlete. We reflected on what Jo told us that day, and created 7 values that we are all going to try to adhere to at St. Dominic’s so that we can be the best learners that we can be and, like Jo, achieve our dreams. They are:


1. Be focused 

2. Be ambitious

3. Be resilient

4. Be confident

5. Be brave

6. Be flexible

7. Be creative


As well as having a special 'Bee the best you can be' assembly, we had fun activities planned in our classes to continue the theme throughout the day such as making paper mache bees and dream catchers! 


In Key Stage One we discussed what dreams and ambitions we had for when we grow up. Some children had one dream some people had a few, we had everything from a footballer to a hairdresser and someone even wants to be a Lego man! We painted pictures of our dreams and then discussed any obstacles we might face and how we may overcome them. We linked these back to our learning values and decided we would like to start with 'Be Ambitious,' and have big dreams to aspire to. 


Take a look at the photos below!