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Christmas has arrived in EYFS!

The Christmas Spirit has well and truly hit in EYFS. On Monday, Ms Duff brought us a very special delivery from the North Pole. Inside was a letter from Santa and our very own EYFS Elf on the Shelf. The book explained that we needed to give our elf a name and that he would be spending the next few weeks with us here in EYFS. We used our phonic skills to write our suggested names.. these included: Sam, Ben and Sparkle but following our class vote, the winning name was Pip. Pip has spent all week in our classroom spreading lots of Christmas cheer; he has even delivered an Advent Calendar and a Christmas tree and decorations for us. The children had a wonderful time decorating our classroom and are so proud of the beautiful tree they have produced. 


We have also been very busy learning our songs for our Christmas Performance and learning about the story of the Nativity. We learnt that we are now in the period of Advent and that we are preparing for Jesus' birth. We added our Nativity set to our prayer table and talked about the story as we added the different characters.​ Melanie said, "Mary and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem." Louie said, "The angels said 'Alleluia." 


What an excellent week in EYFS!