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Christmas Parties

Dear Parents/Carers,


Next week the children will be having their traditional end of year class Christmas party. 


Class teachers will let you know which day their class is having their party.


Just a quick note about current Coronavirus restrictions and what should be brought into school to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus…..


Teachers will wear gloves to hand out food to individual children and the children will have their own cups and plates rather than having sharing plates


Things to avoid:

  •  No homemade goods this year please e.g. cakes, pizza, sandwiches etc or foods that have been pre-cooked at home
  • No sharing packs e.g. large bags of popcorn, crisps


Things which are suitable:

  • Food stuffs pre-packaged in wrappers- individual is best, but pre-packaged multipacks are fine as they can be handed out with gloves e.g. pack of sausage rolls, pack of individual cakes
  • Sweets in wrappers
  • Individual packs of crisps
  • Bottles of soft drinks/fruit juice in large cartons as these can be poured into individual cups


Thank you for your co-operation. We hope the children get to enjoy their class parties before we finish for the Christmas break.