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Euro 2020 Update

As we look forward to the Quarter Finals here’s the results of Round 16!!


Wales 0 – Denmark 4        

Well done to the Admin Team!!  who defeated the Leadership team L


Italy 2 – Austria 1               

Well done to St Bernadette!!


Netherlands 0 Czech Republic 2                

Bad luck to St Patrick L


Belgium 0 - Portugal 1        

Well done to St Joseph!! who beat St Mary L


Croatia 3 – Spain 5             

Well done to The Cleaning Team!! who defeated St John L


France 3 – Switzerland 3 (Switzerland win 5 – 4 on penalties)  

Bad luck to St Martin L


England 2 – Germany 0     

Well done to Les!! who defeated St Peter L


Sweden 1 – Ukraine 2       

Well done Sweden!!


This weekend the quarter finals are as follows…..



Spain vs Switzerland – Good luck to the Cleaning Team.

Belgium vs Italy – Good luck to St Bernadette!!



Czech Republic vs Denmark – Good luck to the Admin Team!!

And of course the big one…..  Ukraine vs England – Good luck to Les!!