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EYFS Golidlock's and the Three Bears

In EYFS, our key text this week has been 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears.' We have had lots of fun enjoying different activities relating to this story. The children are able to confidently sequence the story and retell it using props and actions to help them. On Monday, we came to school to find  Goldilocks fast asleep in our home corner in Baby Bear's bed. There were three bowls of porridge and she had eaten all of Baby Bear's up and broken his chair!

Baby Bear had written the children a letter to tell them how sad he was about this. All week, the children in EYFS have been trying to fix this problem for him. The children have made cards for Baby Bea to cheer him up. They also made him some new porridge which was 'just right' and wrote recipes so that he could make more when he wanted. They used their imagination and creative skills to build a new chair for him using Lego and a range of materials from the construction area. It is safe to say that Baby Bear is very happy with all the hard work the children in EYFS have done. Well done EYFS!