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Nativity Performances- Google Classroom

Dear Parents/Carers,
Due to the restrictions around Coronavirus we are unable to put on our Nativity performances for you in school therefore this year we are going virtual by recording the children’s performances and loading them onto Google Classroom.
No doubt that you have already heard your children rehearsing their Christmas songs, as both the children and the staff have worked incredibly hard to bring these performances together for you to enjoy. This year as always we have a KS1 and KS2 play, and separate performances from Nursery and Reception, however as the children cannot perform together this year we have split the KS1 performance into 2 class parts and the KS2 performance into 4 class parts.
You will be able to log onto Google classroom to watch these videos using your child’s login.


We will upload the entire KS1 performance onto St Patrick’s and St John’s class pages when St Patrick’s class return to school- but in the meantime we will upload St John’s performance. 


The entire KS2 performance will be uploaded onto St Bernadette, St Teresa, St Peter and St Martin’s class pages.


St Mary and St Joseph’s classes will have their own performances on their individual class pages.
Google classroom is a secure site that can only be accessed using a pupil’s login. This is to ensure that the site is secure and not publically shared. However when viewing these videos we do ask that parents follow the guidelines below:
  • The Videos will be posted before the end of term and will remain on Google Classroom over the Christmas holidays so that extended family members can view them therefore please do not share links or logins for the videos outside the family
  • Please do not share any images of any children except your own from the performances
  • Please do not attempt to make any recordings of the videos
  • If you want to make any positive comments about the children’s performances please feel free to do this by emailing 
We hope you enjoy watching these performances at home with your families. We know that you will be as proud as us of your children as they have worked so hard with staff to make this an enjoyable and accessible experience. ​
This weekend please do practise logging onto to Google classroom, we have attached the letter outlining how to do this in the 'Newsletters' section under 'Parents'- if you do have any problems accessing Google classroom please do let us know.