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Reading 'Little Glow' in Early Years

This week in St Josephs class we have continued to read the book ‘Little Glow’ and learnt about some more celebrations. We learnt about Chinese New Year, exploring different Chinese food and making lanterns, we had to be very resilient as it was a little difficult to fold and cut the paper in the correct way. We then decorated candles to put inside the lanterns. Later in the week we learnt about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah reading the book ‘Hanukkah bear’ we know that the Jewish people used a little bit of oil to light a candle which burnt bright for eight days so we painted menorahs in a range of ways to represent this. We also decorated biscuits with traditional Hanukkah colours of blue and white.
Everyone has become very understanding of different cultures and beliefs through reading this story and exploring many different celebration.