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School Council Debate

We were proud to represent our school at this year’s School Council Debates at Camden Town Hall in front of the Deputy Mayor of Camden on Thursday 9th March 2017


Our presentation was titled “Is It Important to have Quiet Areas?”


This is a project that we have been working on during recent meetings to create a much needed quiet space in the KS2 playground. We showed our PowerPoint presentation and Callum, Ava Marie and Angelica presented it to the Deputy Mayor and two other schools (Gospel Oak and Fleet) in the Council Chambers.


There were lots of questions but we had all the answers!

For example, someone from Gospel Oak asked how we came up with the idea. Teddy told them that in the playground children were complaining that there was nowhere quiet to sit and read, colour in or just chat. The children spoke to their class reps who then brought it up in the meetings and we started a plan to find the space for the project. Teddy took his clipboard out at lunchtime and tallied up those for and against the idea.


We received a lovely certificate and badges as a souvenir of our special day!