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School Update- Monday 22nd June

Dear Children, Parents and Carers,


We hope you and your family are all continuing to stay well. We are all getting used to the changes with the gradual easing of lockdown over the last few weeks while still being very aware that coronavirus remains a real concern and continuing to follow the social distancing and other guidance.

We are delighted to have welcomed a number of Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 children back to school over the last few weeks, along with keyworker and other eligible children. All of the children who have returned to school have been absolutely fantastic and have settled very quickly into the new routines and arrangements in place. A letter has gone home today to each of these groups about updated arrangements for the remainder of term. A copy of the letter is also shown in the home learning area for each year group on our website.  


Staff are very much enjoying having the opportunity to work with many of the children again for the remainder of this term. We want to say a huge thank you to all the children and parents for helping to make this return such a positive experience.


We are also very much looking forward to the time when all year groups will have returned to school and we hope to hear more from the Government in the next few weeks about what this may look like and the planned return in September.


While we are waiting to hear about further return to school plans, we will continue to update the website at the beginning of each week with the home learning resources and the weekly letter from your child’s teacher. As well as the weekly learning resources for each year group, the SEND team also post weekly resources for the groups they work with. Mrs Voelcker has separate Literacy and Maths resources included for her Year 3 group and Mrs Clement has resources for her KS1 group.


We very much hope you are finding these resources and contact helpful and please email us with any questions about work or learning you wish to share with your child’s teacher. It has been fantastic to see the response we have had to this contact between home and school so far as we all want to encourage contact between home and school as much as possible.

We are also aware of the issues families may have with internet access or access to devices to support home learning. As we have said in previous updates, the school has also created paper packs of home learning resources and these are available for any parent who would find them helpful. A number of parents have been collecting these from the school over the last few months and please let us know if you require any other home learning resources.


Camden have recently contacted schools about a scheme they are hoping to put in place to support families with limited access to devices or internet access to support home learning. Camden is applying for help from private businesses and charities to provide laptops, iPads or internet dongles to families who may need these resources and want all schools to provide them with numbers this week. A parent text is being sent today to ask parents if they require a device or internet access to support home learning. Please let us know by tomorrow morning if this applies to you. The Government made a similar offer last half term however; this was under very strict criteria and only applied to certain families and school year groups. Camden is hoping to provide these resources to families who could most benefit from them, however they cannot guarantee that they will be able to provide devices and internet access for all the families in the borough who require it but we would like to support this offer and let them know about families who wish to apply.

We hope you all have a safe and happy week and enjoy the lovely weather that is forecast.


From everyone at St. Dominic’s