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School Update- Thursday 2nd July

2nd July 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


We hope you are all continuing to stay well and it is hard to believe we are already in the month of July! It has been lovely to have had many more pupils return to school since June with the partial re opening but we very much miss the year groups who have not yet returned- Years 2, 3, 4 and 5. We hope you are continuing to get on well with the home learning resources and finding the weekly class letter helpful. Please keep sending us in any work or messages you wish to share as the class teachers really enjoying receiving these and keeping in touch as much as possible.


The Government is announcing guidance today to support the full opening of schools from September 2020. We will be using this to plan for all year groups to return to school safely next term and will be updating parents about arrangements.


We would also like to let you know that you will receive your child’s school report for this year in the next few days. The report has been completed in the usual format; however, it reflects your child’s attainment and progress up to the end of Spring term 2020 rather than the end of the year. A cover letter with more information about the report has also been included. If your child is currently attending school, their report will be sent home with them at the end of today or tomorrow. If your child is not attending school, their report will be posted tomorrow. If you have any questions or comments regarding your child’s report or wish to discuss it further, please call the school office or email us and we will do our utmost to respond as soon as possible.


The school is also planning transition arrangements for all year groups and will be letting parents know about class organisation and staffing arrangements for all children before the end of term. Due to the partial school closure, we are unable to organise our normal transition day in July where children spend time with their new teacher. However, current staff working with your children will have the opportunity to do a handover with the new teachers and we are looking at how all teachers can introduce themselves to their new class before September. Your child’s new class teacher will also have an opportunity to introduce themselves with a class letter.


Please keep in touch with any queries you have with home learning or any other matters.


Take care,


From everyone at St. Dominic’s