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St. Dominic's 2019-2020 End of Year Letter

17th July 2020


Dear Parents,


Today we come to the end of this academic year, undoubtedly the strangest one we have ever encountered in education.  This pandemic has brought many challenges to our school community in ways we never imagined.  We have all tried hard to navigate a way through this crisis and hope and pray that all members of our school community remain safe and well.


We very much look forward to welcoming all the children back to school from September and this week you have received information about new classes and return to school arrangements for next term. We hope the children enjoyed reading the letter from their new teacher and other staff and will be able to complete any short activity suggested to share with their class as they settle back in to school.


All classes will have the opportunity to transition back in at the start of next term and learn about the new arrangements in school to keep everyone safe, for example changes to classroom and break arrangements. Our children new to Nursery and Reception will also have transition days at the beginning of next term and will hopefully settle quickly into school life.


Today we say goodbye to our Year 6 pupils and wish them every good luck and happiness in the future. They have been amazing group and we are so proud of how they have grown and developed throughout their time in school, in their achievements, their friendships and in their own unique gifts and talents. We know they are ready to take the next step on their learning journey and their new schools are so lucky to have such confident, independent pupils joining them, who want to achieve the best they can.


At the end of this year we also sadly bid farewell to some members of our staff who move on to pastures new.  We thank them for their contribution to our schools and wish them every success in the future.  We also welcome some new staff in September.  I feel sure you will support them as they settle into their respective roles and become a part of our fantastic team here at St. Dominic’s School.


I would just like to take this opportunity to thank the staff for all the hard work over these past few unprecedented months.  Their dedication has been admirable and I cannot thank them enough for supporting the school, in whatever their role, and ensuring we kept on going! They are completely child-focussed, positive, loyal and flexible and it is a privilege to work with such an amazing team. I would like to add a special thanks to Ms Giverin for her unwavering support and work, as Deputy and Safeguarding Lead, with the school community throughout lockdown and preparing for the full reopening in September. As Head of School next year, I know that she will continue to offer this commitment, leadership and support to our school community.


We are also fortunate to be so well supported by our Governors and thank them for the time, support and guidance they give to the school.

As your children return to us next term, please be assured that many measures are being in place to support their physical safety and their mental well-being.  We are very aware that some of our children will have spent the majority of this term being home- schooled and it is pivotal that we provide the support needed with reintegration at every level. 


Finally, I would like to thank all parents and carers for your continued support.  We are all excited about the return in September when we will be able to rebuild our school community once more after recent events.  I wish you and your families a lovely summer break and a safe and happy time together.  I look forward to welcoming you all back to St. Dominic’s Catholic Primary School!


Yours sincerely,

Miss J. O’Prey



A Prayer for the End of the Year


Your loving care

Lord Jesus, when you walked with us on earth

you spread your healing power.

We place in your loving care

all who are affected by Coronavirus.

Keep us strong in faith, hope and love.

Bring relief to our sick, console our bereaved,

protect those who care for us.

We lift our prayer to you Lord,

and trust in your infinite mercy,

as we wait for the daybreak.