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Year 2 Maths Superstar!

Meet Cliff!


Cliff is a student in St John's class who is a very gifted mathematician!!


Ms Giverin happened to walk by his class today and saw that he had been doing some work on percentages in Year 2!


They did some Maths together as you can see in the picture.


Cliff is able to use halving and doubling to find common percentages eg. he knows that 50% is the same as a half.


He also knows that to find 25% he just needs to half 50%.


He was able to take this even further to find very tricky percentages. This work would typically be done in Year 5 and 6.


He is a superstar in the making as he absolutely adores Maths and more importantly always works with determination until any problem is solved! 


Ms Giverin will be on the lookout for some more learning superstars in the coming weeks. Lookout for our next superstar!