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Yr 5's Science Topic this Half Term

Year 5's Science topic this half term is the circulatory system. In this week's lesson we learnt how they body transports the water and nutrients that we need. In order to support our learning and visualise the process, we used skittles and a jelly snake. 

When water was added to the skittles, the sugar coating around the sweets dissolved and the colour began to run and diffuse through the water. This demonstrates what happens in our small intestine. Once our food has been broken down by out stomach, the nutrients are passed to our small intestine, this is where the nutrients are absorbed through the capillaries in to our blood stream and them the heart pumps them around our body. 

We also added water to jelly snakes and left them over night. In the morning, we noticed that of the snakes had absorbed the water, which demonstrated the way the water in our body is absorbed from our small intestine into the blood stream and transported around the body.