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St Dominic's Catholic Primary School

"St Dominic's helps me to be the very best I can be as a child of God."

Our Learning Values:

Focused Confident Ambitious Flexible Brave Creative Resilient Spiritual

Religious Education

The Way, The Truth & The Life


At St. Dominic's, we follow the “The Way, The Truth and The Life” RE scheme to deliver high-quality Religious Education lessons from EYFS through to Key Stages 1 and 2. We plan our religious education curriculum based on the Religious Education Curriculum Directory (Revised 2022), supported by this scheme and ensure that the planned progression built into the scheme of work offers the children an increasing challenge as they move through the school.


Other Faiths


The teaching and practices of other major religions is not restricted solely to specific allocated weeks in the school calendar. Assemblies during the year will focus on religious festivals such as Divali, Eid, Hanukah, Yom Kippur etc. and topical links will be used to promote understanding and tolerance of other faiths. In addition, separate assemblies and lessons are timetabled to take place to support the teaching of other major faiths. Where possible, representatives of other religious groups come into school and talk to the children at this time. Year groups then carry out follow-up activities in class lessons or for homework.